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Newark, Delaware
Verizon Delaware, Inc. De
Number Variations: 302/458/4399 - 302.458.4399 - 3024584399 - 302 458 4399
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3024584399 User Reports

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26th Jan, 2009 by disgusted
Reported Number: 302-458-4399
Caller type: Unknown
Phone owner: Unknown
Rec'd a call from this number and as others have said did not answer but got a voice message to call back the 866 number. Astoundingly, I also requested a balance transfer account just yesterday from BOFA and today I receive this call. Is someone at BOFA giving out info that they shouldn't or is there a leak in their security system for our information?
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3rd Dec, 2008 by memyself
Reported Number: 3024584399
Caller type: Unknown
Phone owner: Unknown
Scammers don't just ask for ssn's. any information-address, zip, etc-shouldn't be given unless you've called the known/published numbers and verified the call back number given is legit. Scammers put together pieces of information at a time in order to scam you. Identity theft isn't just with a social. Some already know your social, but they don't know other details about you-previous addresses, mother's maiden name, etc. Previous addresses are generally public record, so even if they know some information about you, they could be fishing for the one piece of the puzzle they need to make a whole. If you've recently applied for something, they already know your zip, address, etc. If they ask you to verify, unless it's a published/known number, don't do it. They should already know it. Don't ever give your full name, address, mother's maiden name, etc (hello! your mother's maiden name is used in so many things to prove YOUR identity because so few people should know your mother's maiden name. Giving up that information is about as risky as giving our social on the phone). Don't take their word for it! Of course the number you call back is going to tell you they are legit. Do you expect them to tell you they're a scam?! They're going to sound legit. But if they're legit, they won't mind you verifying that with the actual bank first. If they act huffy about you wanting to verify, then be alarmed. Either they're a bad customer service rep that needs to be fired or they're a scam. Either way, you don't want to deal with them. Don't ever take someone else's word for it. Go to or or to the bank's official website and contact their number listed and verify the number that called you and the number it says to call back are legit. 99% of the time, the bank can transfer you to the appropriate number if their is additional information needed.

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