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Phone Owner
Caller Type
United Health Group
According to 1 people
Area Code
Minneapolis, Minnesota
At&T Local Mn
Number Variations: 952/367/8000 - 952.367.8000 - 9523678000 - 952 367 8000
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9523678000 User Reports

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14th Dec, 2009 by Victoria
Reported Number: 952-367-8000
Caller type: Unknown
Phone owner: UHC Nurses
I have found the UHC nurses and other support people to be very helpful. They have made suggestions about what to talk to my doctor about, got my husband and I into programs to better handle stress and other things. They also check up on us when we have a major change in our health. After my hysterectomy, my nurse called and answered my questions and generally comforted me. When we got CPaP machines for apnea, they called to make sure we had been taught how to use them and that we were set up for follow-up visits to make sure that they were helping. They aren't bad!
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9th Sep, 2009 by FedUp
Reported Number: 9523678000
Caller type: Unknown
Phone owner: Nurse Ratchet
This is a nurse from United Healthcare. If they are your insurer beware as they will come off pretending to be concerned about your health, but their goal is to save UHC money. They will record the call, and glean all your personal info. They also will not stop calling even when requested. If you receive this insurance thru your employer report the abuse to your human resource dept.
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21st Jan, 2009 by Ginger
Reported Number: 952-367-8000
Caller type: Unknown
Phone owner: United Health Group
Call from 952-367-8000 ID = United Health Group. I have received many many calls over a number of weeks. I say hello and no answers and then they hang up. I have called 1-842-2656 which is their customer service and as of yet they have done nothing to stop the calls. I have absolutely no connection with United Health Group.

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