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3257 days ago by tim
calls four or five times a day
3068 days ago by repeat
this has showed up on my cell phone serval times ,please stop these calls
1450 days ago by Robert
Who's number is this?
4348 days ago by l98037
Doesn't come across on caller id.
3036 days ago by Ken
I have no idea who this is. However, there is a charge of $1.99 for the call.
3767 days ago by www
Some Republican pseudo-survey about "Obama's performance".
3325 days ago by larry wilson
3631 days ago by dana
3977 days ago by brian
caller is texting my girlfriend and i want to know who it is
3518 days ago by mb
many times
3411 days ago by Kkmomma
This number is on my husbands text messaging bill. What is this? Is it sent from an instant message service or what?
3325 days ago by larry wilson
4006 days ago by angmarie
2:00am called on my cell phone twice
4233 days ago by bob
Was at work some guy called and asked if i was working. I got on the phone and there was dead air.
3815 days ago by Mack
This goes beyond bad taste......
3730 days ago by Randy Olson
keep getting this on my phone
3684 days ago by vicky
text messages incoming and outgoing to this a safe number
3508 days ago by Tam
calling on my daughters phone
3532 days ago by kintu
2626 days ago by Amy Anderson
They keep calling my cell phone #260-438-2236. Please respond to my email address with the information. Who is this?
3571 days ago by Bob
This number keeps showing up on one of our office's cell phones - number 703-955-0802. I am in need of information on who it is coming from...
1573 days ago by chris
text message
2595 days ago by Curious
comes through as a text number
4007 days ago by Tim
This is a premium text message service that I unknowning signed up for thinking it was part of a job site I was using. Verizon is of no help in...
3771 days ago by Joel
recieved a threatening text message from 0001114444. I know it originated from the us cellular web site. but what disturbs me most is that us...
3705 days ago by michael
the caller called using this ph #, i picked up my cell phone, but no one answered. i hung up; what does this mean. Did they bug my phone. I am...
4267 days ago by Ouen
called 3 times a day.
4339 days ago by rtg
It's a predatory lender. Their email address I emailed them to let them know I'd report them if they...
2388 days ago by ibraish
text me many times until my credit finished
3407 days ago by des
text received not setn
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