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4001 days ago by roberto diaz
was looking up my little brothers minutes, and noticed this, not sure what is going on with it, someone stole his phone 3 times from his job, and...
4304 days ago by Doesn't Matter
Bad things.
4149 days ago by shegs
FRM:PK MSG:DirectorJ requests passage
4186 days ago by jonathan
4234 days ago by Germ (hard g)
saying random weird stuff...homosexual things or just sexual things
4340 days ago by Scott
annoying text
4244 days ago by smitch
text was sent twice, who is this
4091 days ago by sandra
need to know who this belongs too
4321 days ago by bitch
they keep calling my phone and won't leave me alone
3947 days ago by Omen
text message stating SUB:Poke MSG:EVOLUTION COMPLETE Copyright A (upside down ? [sorry i don't know what combo that ...
4232 days ago by edmund
i receive a text from this number and i would like to who and where it came from. thank you for u time.
3931 days ago by kate
creepy texts
3977 days ago by G Lee Burns
Forward email with my bf talking with this person. I'm not sure how I received this
4361 days ago by Kelly
I am reporting this for someone else. I work as a receptionist for a mortgage company, and a women called me who was trying to get in touch with...
4039 days ago by autumn nonte
recieved a text and a call from this number
3685 days ago by roland
they called and asked if i had smoke alamrs ect and i hung up they called 10-22-2010 at 810 pm
3600 days ago by Julie
My boyfriend recieved a charge for calling this number on his AT&T home phone bill. Either one of us recall calling this number but we both...
3661 days ago by Alex
It wasa Woman. Only sad hello.
3525 days ago by Brian
this number kept calling my cell phone Can you let me know where this call is coming from and how to stop it from calling my phone?
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