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3426 days ago by bodhinath
Just got a missed call from this number.
4349 days ago by prinsez
I keep getting Text random from this person who is acting mysterious and wont tell me who it is. They know details about me - I have asked them...
4156 days ago by Ashley
The guy sounds foreign Asian or Indian and he says sexualt stuff like if I like sex or if I have a Vagina
3910 days ago by Kirk
A few months ago these jerks started calling me every single day, last night at 10pm, looking for some bimbo who must have had my telephone ...
2927 days ago by Karen
I get calls from this number most everyday and several times a day. I have no idea who it is and I am on a no call list.
4054 days ago by Jess Perez
They asked if I was lou, when I said they has the wrong number they said, "OH! You just said you were lou. We'll see you shortly."
3991 days ago by Robert Baker
Multiple call by machine
3475 days ago by girlfitchett
called and left no message. When I phoned back it was disconnected.
3151 days ago by jessica
called my work and home from 2 different numbers and same name
4096 days ago by tc
A guy who is possibly drunk, calls saying he is Jesus Christ. He also identifies himself as a Korean. He leaves other phone numbers to call him...
4345 days ago by KW
Didn't answer, Caller ID read INTERCEPT RE
2325 days ago by Tb
company called QCI has an automated response if you call back
3900 days ago by Newell
Stated collecting customer comments on service call. Then at the end of the call asked identity information that caller should have known if...
2836 days ago by egecko
American Red Cross looking for blood.
4288 days ago by OzzieKat
I made the call from my VOIP home phone in Australia to my sister in Orgeon. This is the number that showed up instead of my home phone number. ...
2102 days ago by aj
This is an asset recovery service. They left a non-descript card on my door in Van Couver WA. I got an answering machine all weekend but they...
4137 days ago by Oregonrain
Called at 11:54 AM on Wednesday, 07/29/2009. Did not leave any message. Phone number always "busy" when I tried several return calls.
3807 days ago by unknown
called an made threatening remarks
4364 days ago by Rose
Calls day and night and leaves no messages even when I answers the call they hang up.I don't know what they want calling and not saying...
3952 days ago by david
This is a water damage restoration and flood damage cleanup company offering...
4356 days ago by GTR
Calls and asks for me by name and about my credit card ... hangs up when I asked "who is this ?". ...
3487 days ago by Buzz Off Dum A**
Shot these idiots down before he could get a word out. I simply ask it this was a sales call. And it through him off. I then told him this number...
3692 days ago by garrobo
No one answers, or I get a message that they have a important message, to please stand by then I am told the wait will be some ungodly amount of...
3715 days ago by Mickisman
Calls two to four times each morning.No message lft on answerer.
3995 days ago by coffeegirl
calls several times a day...even late at night!
3908 days ago by Sid
We have been receiving several calls each day from this number, Upon answering there is nobody on the line. If this isn't harassment, I...
3956 days ago by ed
i called back and it was a gay strip club
4039 days ago by Sarah
Its Wells Fargo Bank...
4024 days ago by ash
I keep getting calls from this number, however it only rings once then they hang up and do not leave a message. I finally called back and the...
3763 days ago by angie
They just keep calling they have called once every hour the last 3 hours.
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