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4439 days ago by bob
no caller ID; caller hung up
3809 days ago by doug m.
FPPSG LLC. aka (Fortune Portfolio and Processor Service Group) is actually who is calling about these payday loans. Their phone# is 512-236...
3575 days ago by Geesh
I don't give information if I'm not able to see others' information too....
4317 days ago by J
Gulf Coast Western Looking for a venture into Oil/gas Drilling in TX/LA. - Did a search online and found a lawsuit against them for fraud.
3907 days ago by Victoria
Say that I owe money for a dentist bill from 2001. However, I've never received anything in the mail regarding this.
2629 days ago by Ranee
They ask for my son Beau, but won't leave a message what they are call for has called 4 times even after I tell them his not here but can I...
3214 days ago by JFrd63
I keep getting calls from this company. I have never lived in Austen Texas. Every time I try to call them back the call just ends. Definantly a...
3675 days ago by Terri
it's a switchboard that can't accept calls. Trying to get companies to buy into their 'credit monitoring' for businesses.
4068 days ago by Sue
This number calls my home, I won't answer.
3984 days ago by kaileena
This is from another website Tom - 2 Dec 2009Louie called several times and said he was a student doing a project on hospital construction. k...
3732 days ago by Matt
This was the State Comptroller's Office in Austin Texas. They were calling regarding a name change we submitted for tax purposes.
3929 days ago by jamie m
it is a dept collector firm.
4184 days ago by Chelsea
They said they were from the irs and that they needed my social security number and all my other information and i gave it to them and now im...
3972 days ago by Agnes
didn't answer. on Caller ID
4152 days ago by fdfdsfs
This caller is very rude and yells and swears on the phone!
2420 days ago by S.N
This number calls daily & never leaves a message. 512 area code is an Austin, Tx phone number.
3584 days ago by linedoc
Idiot called from this number, threatening legal action over a payday loan I never took. Hung up on him, and he called back. We did this dance 10...
3506 days ago by sk
man with indian accent has called numbers of times 5x's in 3 minutes. was told not to call anymore. my wife is very sick and he keeps...
3527 days ago by steven
these people have been harassing me, i have received about 20 calls from them
3991 days ago by Toni
Wouldn't give any information, just said it wasn't earth shattering. Requested a cell phone number for the owner.
4386 days ago by BB
They keep calling & only let it ring 2 times, then they hang up. GURRRR
3450 days ago by Lisa
This is a threatening call and it is very upsetting.
3551 days ago by Shanna
The first time this number called, I was at work and they left a voice mail. The message is very muffled and you can't understand what they...
3535 days ago by Vikki Smith
This person said they were from Law-Investigation. called back to back 8 times. I took my phone off the hook after I picked it up and they...
3631 days ago by Courtney
Call my phone three to four times a day 4 times in a row and never leave a message and it starts before 8 o clock in the morning. Just leave a...
3648 days ago by Erika
They are not really dept collectors they will call u and tell u ur gonna go to jail cuz u owe money from a payday loan and that u have to go to...
3519 days ago by Robert
I have asked these people to stop calling and they still insist on calling.
3655 days ago by De yona Moore
Caller has called me several times harrassing me using foul language... The first time i recieved a call the man claimed to be a detective or...
3645 days ago by MANTIS
keeps calling every day at 12:00 noon CT. already told them to stop calling but was called upon the next day.
3577 days ago by Sandra
he called with improper suggestions
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