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3755 days ago by Mike
it hung up
2530 days ago by monalyzsa
Call received the 20 December 2013 twice.
3622 days ago by boguy60
3747 days ago by Normand Morneau
I say GRC for need help for marketing for drug and other. Need cash for promotional intervention drug in school... he offer me a different opti...
3300 days ago by valerie drake
wont stop calling... no clue who it is and doesnt speak when i answer
3530 days ago by Neal
It's a collection agency called Global International. They have a website for consumers that are getting called: http://www.globalcolle...
3232 days ago by JSeba
2769 days ago by Teacher
Caller stated someone had taken out $300 from my mom's checking account. Said they wanted to send us a check and needed information. ...
3553 days ago by Aleks Sheraj
It's a fax line and its getting on my nerves because they call 10 times a day
3881 days ago by Huaigu
We received a call from this number yesterday to talk about some credit information of our friends
3679 days ago by bossie
3553 days ago by lanka
Called my job, asking if I work there, presenting themselves as "Civil Investigator". I called them back, they asked my file number,...
3964 days ago by missy
no message
4000 days ago by FoxHound369
They called saying there was a complaint on me over using Hydro. I let them run there mouth for about a few mins then I cut them off. I told the...
3986 days ago by mike "Colonne de Feu est le chef de file dans le secteur des maisons de recrutement et de placement de per...
3518 days ago by andrea
ce no à appeller à 8h00 am chez moi et à reveiller tout lemonde c'était inscrit Stephane Belec sur l'...
2867 days ago by Dick LaFever
We have received calls from this area code, late at night, with no one answering. Please can you do something about this. From other online...
3066 days ago by JESPERTHIA
3924 days ago by Martin
Pour Fraude Desjardins ?
3531 days ago by Pizzadouglas
He wanted me to snort 7 gram crack rocks with him. He says I have the tiger blood.
4047 days ago by S/D Roux, Daniel
Im investigator from street gang unit on south shore of montreal. Possible to send me an e-mail for this number because a suspect call me from...
2432 days ago by Stephane
3822 days ago by sheikh2
Missed the call
3879 days ago by Robert Sirois
Being harass 4 to 5 time daily by this number 514-483-9390 getting annoying. Complaining with Bell they are stating the number is disconnected....
3917 days ago by Results
Altus Géocom 210-2120, Rue Sherbrooke Est, Montreal, QC H2K 1C3 514-523-4933 Registrant: Altus Group Li...
3866 days ago by Jazz
call received at 7:30 pm
4012 days ago by CM
Number listed to call for prize winnings. Part of lottery scam -"Megamillions/pch (Publisher's Cleraing House)
3854 days ago by Joe Ann Jones
i was sent a check from this Company:...
3524 days ago by Jo
This number called me, but I didn't answer it because I wasn't available. But I don't know what it is! And I'm from Quebec so...
3871 days ago by zeth
harassment, pressure and manipulation to solicit donations
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