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3542 days ago by Islander
Called March 8, 2011 1:04 p.m. - Have received several calls over the past month from this telemarketer offering great interest rates, etc.
2754 days ago by Anne
French-Canadian voice talking about telecommunications survey. No thanks!
3931 days ago by kda
call from bbb, unknown who this is.
3304 days ago by RoseZ
The girl said it was RBC offering an identity fraud package - free for 30 days and then about $18 per month. Then she wanted my info - which if...
3496 days ago by Ade
Called # back and got a recording for the Conservative Party.
3576 days ago by Morraw
3582 days ago by Paul
Canadian Premier Life Legacy Insurance
3635 days ago by Georgi
This is an Alarm Monitoring Station, when a property which you are a keyholder for has any troubles/alarms/events in which a keyholder is to be...
3982 days ago by Sue Mc Dougall
we are on "no call " list but get calls from this scam number
3548 days ago by Dave
This number has been calling for months now and always hangs up when the call is answered. If it is not answered and goes to the ans. machine, it...
3401 days ago by jocelyn
name of caller ?
3596 days ago by Janet Mayhew
We have been called twice and when we answer they hang up. I do not want them to call us. Its a nuisance call.
4088 days ago by Tiffany
called, and didn't say anything when I answered - just hung up.
4182 days ago by kurt
he called me and asked for carlos, my name is kurt. then he said how carlos gave him the number to best reach him. i only got a name cause i said...
3589 days ago by Arbucle2003
3808 days ago by tong gao, you
Do not know the number! Not connected
3897 days ago by terminator
facers sraker caller
4231 days ago by mhollerer
I get approximately 5 calls a week from this number. I'd like it to stop.
3576 days ago by DNC
I received a call from this number this evening 519-645-7829 but becasue we have Caller ID and because we are on the Do Not CallLisy , l didi...
4294 days ago by Joel
hung up after answering both times, won't answer a call-back, we are on the do-not-call registry
3576 days ago by Stacey Shaw
3525 days ago by ChuckWoods
3871 days ago by daniela neskovich
i need the adsress of this dental office
3533 days ago by Guelph Resident
3785 days ago by dougmac
calling to sell subscriptions to the Record (local paper). they are EXEMPT from do-not-call lists.
3560 days ago by Rishav
Someone called but left no message. Return call is being ignored
3985 days ago by Linda
all I could understand from the man was to with my house
3723 days ago by Telemarketer killer
Yep, it is an auto-dialer somewhere in London, Ontario. I'm on the DNC list and they still call. SCAMMER!
3553 days ago by Ahaha
No message left
2467 days ago by concrete_angel
Ask for person by last name, if she had spouse, if she allergies, if she owned her own home...
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