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3360 days ago by modo
Just a message to call a "Cami" at 816-221-1141
2987 days ago by Trevor
I received a call of which I did not answer. She left a message saying it was Mrs. Sharp and to call her back. That was it. I didn't call...
3328 days ago by NON
Unwanted calls
2517 days ago by ash
Getting the fax tone all the time want that phone calls to stop once for all.
3707 days ago by chas
calls and leaves no voicemail
3623 days ago by Tari
I havegotten numerous calls from this number at various times of day. If I answer no one speaks. How can I find out who is calling and get them...
2922 days ago by Erik Bennett
Continually calls offering education placement that I never signed up for.
3421 days ago by Meshel Adams
I keep receiving calls from this number however as soon as I pick up it hangs up. I have tried calling the number only to get a fax. I have...
3643 days ago by steelermom
Let's you know that your gas will be shut-off in 7 days for non-payment of past due balance
3628 days ago by FLA
I have received 2 of these calls so far today. When I called the number back, I get a recording saying that the number is not inservice. This may...
3753 days ago by hwy101
keeps on calling and calling and never anyone on the other end
2907 days ago by derek springer
calls everyday when i try to call back it says call cant be completed at this time
1691 days ago by Randall
3308 days ago by Lor
I have received at least 15 calls from this number in the past week...6 of them yesterday.A recording comes on and says press 1 for english......
2917 days ago by surfin
I received a phone call three times today, I finally answered so I could get them to stop calling. The Caller ID said Citicorp Credit, the phone...
3366 days ago by Heavy Hitter
Calls my sons cell phone and speaks in a foreign language( sounds Asian). Six to eight calls per day. An absolute nuisance
2468 days ago by Sharon
They call constantly. I want their calls stopped.
2947 days ago by kathy
yeiiing at me saying their are sheriffis department. theratening me.
3717 days ago by Step
Received a call this evening from Privacy Manager when answered they said to press 1 to find out who was calling I did and they said call was...
3233 days ago by tom sawyer
white noise that goes on for hours
2974 days ago by calyb
calls unknown
3624 days ago by Rob
Called for myself on my kids phone land line leaving messaged stating to his name was Ron Miller and to call him right away at 816-737-3901.
3697 days ago by Teck
Late cable bill
3705 days ago by Dick
Received call from this number - which is local to our area code - at 10 10 am Saturday 1-24-09. No voice or announcement - silence and no call...
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