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3262 days ago by Dave
They leave a message that says they are a card holder service company and are offering me to lower my rates, then when I punch in #9 to talk to...
2782 days ago by susan
I did not answer.
2851 days ago by fxxx
Don't know about this number, another site has a little info too
3689 days ago by Omar
Been receiving a lot of calls from this number lately, I answer and nobody answers on the other line, then they hung up. Got caller ID and when I...
2815 days ago by Hotel
Called more than 5 times within an hour. They scream and say something that doesnt sound like english
3005 days ago by mother of two
someone from this number called me Monday night at 840pm and said they met me at a specific bar a couple months ago which i told him it was...
3452 days ago by tony
received call, did not recognize # and I am not the DO NOT CALL registry. they left no message
3403 days ago by bill
2835 days ago by Jimbo in Maryland
3/10/2011 - I picked up but said nothing and listened and could hear boiler room type activity in the background. I called back and got this...
3503 days ago by collection agency
collector hung up
2858 days ago by adrian
3575 days ago by mark
Just left message with call back number and case number - no other information. The caller was trying to contact my father who is deceased.
2795 days ago by Priscilla
call from"ryan white" either i call or my retained lawyer. extreme time sensitive, foreign accent. wishes me good look. he's...
2934 days ago by Dan
Will not stop texting me
1735 days ago by Rose
says if I need a loan but they are foreigners do not speak good English
3161 days ago by Mike
I received a call from this number on April 19, 2010. It's a recording saying that my rates have gone up on my credit card. Which one... I...
2983 days ago by tiger
when the call comes in the caller ID picks it up they hang up and its over find out whoes doing this iand have it stopped. Thanks
3529 days ago by AL
This is becoming annoying. Any way to stop the call 3 times a day???
2867 days ago by debbie
Same thing happen to me. I was submit a form online to ...
3660 days ago by Dennis Foghorn
Called me December 6,2008, 11:44 AM,and hung up as soon as I said Hello. Previous calls have been received from this # before. Traced to an ATT...
2896 days ago by Chirag
Hi I am Chirag however stole my cell return it as soon as possible.
2964 days ago by Joshy B
Receiving Texts from this number with dirty messages and free giveaways
3514 days ago by caz
They called me this morning asking "did you get the 300?" It sounded like they were talking in the distance. When I said hello again,....
2601 days ago by Janet
I keep getting calls from 818-338-2252 on my cellphone and home phone and do not know who they are!
2234 days ago by unknown
they say helllo, i say hello then they hang up the person calling is a man.
2933 days ago by Bean
caller does not answer questions and if I do not pick up there is no message on the machine. I get calls three to five times a day
3535 days ago by tom
Keeps calling my cell phone number but never leaves a voice mail.
3286 days ago by SJB
Receive phone calls from this # multiple times, have only answered twice and there is no one there. I've just stopped answering
2908 days ago by earl
no one says anything and hangs up
2292 days ago by Stephanie
Intuit Payment Solutions, an Intuit Company is a registered member of JPMC, Hicksville, NY 21215 Burbank Boulevard, Suite 100 Woodland Hills, CA...
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