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4174 days ago by victor
no answer. calls all the time.
3956 days ago by mdp
Lady answered the call as redline recovery
2668 days ago by Paula
They call me, i answer, its silent and hangs up. I try calling back but sounds that the line is busy. Its very unsafe for me.
3920 days ago by Jack
Believe the call comes from Total Card Visa, Comes in 4-6 times a day, sometimes till 10 pm. I don't have an account with Total Card. There...
3895 days ago by MK
Prank Caller calling and saying I love you etc. calling our business repeatedly for several days.
4326 days ago by Patrick
Received a call 2 weeks ago. Stated they were a pre-litigation firm. They offered to help me with my over-due accounts. I gave them a try on a...
3549 days ago by italo
i continually recieve calls from this number for app. a month, no one speaks but the line is 'live' until i hang up and can not figure...
3963 days ago by Mark Gallick
They claim I owe them money for a student loan, which I do not.
3633 days ago by shelley
calls my work and my home claiming he is sending apolice officer to my work and to my home. sometimes he claims he is the police and he is...
3501 days ago by MO
Asked for me by name, he said something about Doctors. I interrupted him and said this is not a good time. He then said she would call back and...
3643 days ago by Anonmyous
Received a call from a very big loser.
4343 days ago by sumdumguy
Message wanting a Jamal May to call an 800 number, different than ID showed. Waited to see if I could be removed but message looped indefinately.
3572 days ago by SandraM
this is ridiculous - faxing my home number. - STOP already!!!!!
3754 days ago by russ
I was called by this number
3611 days ago by bothered
Crooked telemarketer selling energy saving.
3594 days ago by mase
telemarkerter call, with bogus answering busy signal...who has busy signal these not answer...block calls if it was even semi legit,...
2599 days ago by wael mohamed abuzaid
http:magedmohamedabuzaidhoustonautorepair.wordpress.comcategorymain-page-read-this-first Maged "David Reyes" Mohamed Abuzaid runs A....
2759 days ago by Michy
I don't know this number
2493 days ago by Joe
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