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7 hrs ago by Jack
This phone number left a message informing me I owed back taxes and must contact a tax attorney immediately. I called them and they claimed to...
9 hrs ago by Jennifer
Janice Hunter called me claiming my sibling used me as a reference and owes debt. She threatened to file 2 felony charges against my sibling if...
4 days ago by Fish
Caller calls and hangs up
4 days ago by nati
Western union
4 days ago by S.N
This number calls daily & never leaves a message. 512 area code is an Austin, Tx phone number.
4 days ago by Betty
These people will not stop harassing my mother. She has told these people repetely To stop calling yet they all calling all hours of the night!
5 days ago by Kobus
6 days ago by Karthik
Dont knw
6 days ago by Phanith Sovann
Called on April 09,2014 at 7:58pm. It was a missed call. I called back but the line is busy.
6 days ago by C
6 days ago by ROZ
no mgs lft
6 days ago by ROZ
6 days ago by Snorky
I just received a harassing phone call from a rather rude and pushy women who would not give me her name but said she was with "United...
7 days ago by Ola
I don't answer and they leave no message. These are unwanted calls.
7 days ago by Josh Sanchez
Was told that I was selected to receive 9200$ because I payed my bills in time in the state of Texas gave me a claim i.d and a call back number...
7 days ago by Stephane
8 days ago by chris
these calls come at all hours I ask to have my number removed several times from their list. Before I can clik off. They let go with a line of F-...
9 days ago by Mina
He sexually harasses me from this number. He calls and says disgusting things it's always about extremely sick fantasies I would like to...
10 days ago by Katie
Called my cell and left no message. I returned the call and was told to call back during regular business hours. It was Saturday at eleven...
10 days ago by jeff smith
Wanted to know what drugs I was on and what pharmacy I used. If I could reach through the phone and rip their lungs out I would. They woke me up.
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