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1 day ago by Doug Dunkin
I never answer my phone no more not knowing who they are. I look them up using Google and find who they are
2 days ago by TERRI
Person was very rude and threatening. Asked for my attorney's name and phone number. Also asked for social security number and bank...
2 days ago by Tammy kickbusch
I'll get a call from this number and if I hit ignore they continue to call back up up to 10 times all from different states and different...
2 days ago by Michelle
harrassing me non stop saying that they are from the FBI
4 days ago by Antiscammers
Total scam company run by scammers in Montreal Mike Karagueizuan Daniel Talafre steve Geffin all scammers
5 days ago by Greg
whos calling me from Colorado...i live in Missouri
5 days ago by Rosa
someone calls from this number but leaves no message
6 days ago by sonah
calls about financial deals.
6 days ago by kelly
I want to know who call me
7 days ago by Dido
Don't know who they are. Didn't leave a name
7 days ago by Stephanie Giles
Left messages to call Sarah baker back today. Very rude and threatening tone of voice on voicemail.
8 days ago by silvia
annoying calls, no message!
11 days ago by kwhite
14 days ago by Jack
Check fraud. Funny I don't and have not written checks in over 10 years.
14 days ago by Van
Caller states that my credit union charge (visa/mastercard) card has been blocked and ask me to enter a number from my phone in order to unblock...
17 days ago by patty
its possible calling from spain
18 days ago by shailesh
used a unbehavioural language
19 days ago by CVargas
I met this person on a Christian Mingle site, seemed like a good Christian man. He had to take a business trip to Australia, and then supposidly...
21 days ago by gina
I got this call for three yrs..I thought it was a is...
22 days ago by P. Schwinn
Just like other stupid, moron, nincompoops - this moron, nincompoop called @ 10:02 am Central time, listened to our entire greeting and then hung...
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