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3504 days ago by Oldgoat
Hijacked e-mail accounts send out messages about fake diploma scams and request the recipient to call thisnumber.
4305 days ago by Russell
Keeps calling
4388 days ago by Really Pissed Off
They keep calling and hanging up when asked who they are. We called back and the first time we called back they said they were the Mariott Hotel....
4130 days ago by saad
something about my credit card?
4135 days ago by Don
Called. Hung up when I answered
2702 days ago by Law Offices of David Azizi
8383 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 950 Beverly Hills, CA 91361 (310) 284-9600
2868 days ago by Mr Fed Up
Pac-West Telecomm, Inc services this number out of the Compton, Ca area under the CMTN CMTN Id# rate area. Paradise Builders is owned by THOMAS ...
4448 days ago by Jenna
If these people call me again at the crack of dawn like usual im going to lose my flippin' mind. Its ridiculous. Apparently some Lean green...
3646 days ago by Andy
This number keeps on calling and asking for a Luis Martin.
3499 days ago by crazy over these dumb calls
I receive a call from this number last night. They ar truly a scam artist. I just wish they would stop calling. This guy threatened me on my...
3511 days ago by Eric Effros
They say the work for the federal government and they will be taking me to court.
3247 days ago by sue
Cell phone SPAM masquerading as political poll
3347 days ago by Bonnie Morris
Did not leave a message. Just sounded like a lot of people talking & a lot of static
4186 days ago by Ashley
Received two phone calls from 310-370-9172 within 5 minutes of each other. I ignored the first call and the caller did not leave a message. I...
4210 days ago by Danielle Perham
They call and never leave a message. When I call them back they either hang up or its continually busy
4187 days ago by julie
calls and hangs up
3609 days ago by Carebear
They called me and idk who they are or how they got my number I text them asking who they are and they don't reply
3104 days ago by Ashley
It's a scam. I have looked them up also and they are a scam. Call your BBB and report them. And don't give out any of your information...
3942 days ago by Kevin
Called and didnt leave a message tried calling back and numer been disconnected.
3988 days ago by Barb
Calls daily and doesn't leave any messages
3490 days ago by janet
Called to tell me they need to speak with my lawyer. I have no idea who these people are but if they call again I have some choice words for...
3952 days ago by mike
This is a water damage restoration and flood damage cleanup company offering...
3527 days ago by Collins
calling me and saying i owe a loan back to them and i never borrowed money from and company ever in my life, this is a scam and maybe use for...
3531 days ago by bc
other number being used by these scam artist include: 424-258-4089 424-258-4093 717-298-0761 (noted previously) all calls were similar to a...
3960 days ago by Angie
I made the dumb mistake of clicking on FREE UGG pair of shoes! All you have to do is fill out a survey ... right! When it got to the screen that...
3612 days ago by William
310-414-7599 and 310-227-4558 is a company used by DISCOUNTRIMFINANCING.COM, XRIMZ.COM and MCOUTLET.COM who provide tire, rim, electronics...
4329 days ago by Bud
I have a 310 area code does everyone else too?
3962 days ago by Elizabeth
Calling to collect on an outstanding CC debt saying it's being pursued by the IRS? Said they were a consumer advocate and unbiased. Yet the...
3590 days ago by paul
same thing keep getting calls and same as above. No one there and call back says number disconnected.
3604 days ago by Byron
Not a scam! I have signed up for the service in August of last year, they got my credit in order then approved me for a mortgage. Great company...
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