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3415 days ago by Tony
ask me if I want get monies by working from home
2606 days ago by Kristy
This guy did the same thing to me yesterday. He called about every hour with a phone number that is not a number. He left me voice mail after...
2536 days ago by lilbit
Call hangs up when someone answers. I am on the Do Not Call List and do not want them calling 10 times a day. Is this not some form of...
3088 days ago by david
This is a water damage restoration and flood damage cleanup company offering...
2818 days ago by Robert
missed call, returned and no answer or answer machine. Trying to see who this was
2676 days ago by Katie
Text message: In response to your request to modify your mortgage , reply YES to this message to get more information on reducing your payment
2693 days ago by jennifer
This person or company say they are the "US LAW OFFICES - DEPT OF JUSTICE " has called me repeatedly also threatening me with the same...
2855 days ago by Joey
The recorded message claimed that they were calling from cardholder services and that this was my "final notification" regarding...
2740 days ago by Esmeralda
I would like for whomever is texting to my number to stop otherwise I will call the police and give this number.
1600 days ago by Lisa
unknown caller
2098 days ago by Sunny Side Up
I said not to call this number again. This is a private line and was cursed out and keeps calling back and wont stop. I Have had to take the...
2599 days ago by Riley
Called us at 7 PM PST in British Columbia. No message left. From research on the net, some kind of scam artists getting telephone numbers from...
3495 days ago by France
D&B business company... legitimate business. No sales.
2820 days ago by S
called and hung up
2817 days ago by unknown
i keep getting a call from this number and no talks sowhy call
3121 days ago by court
calls 10 times a day with no message aslate as 9pm
3197 days ago by Naomi Olson
calls all day, all night, very annoying
3475 days ago by Texastrucker
These clowns have called repeatedly with threatening messages about filing suit,, then ASK me for me name and address so they can persue it.....
2917 days ago by Savannah
Claiming to be US Census Bureau, kept us on the phone for over an hour. Collected a TON of VERY personal information, mostly about my mother....
2654 days ago by nan
They call saying I have a law suite against me in my home state, but when I begin to ask questions about who or what it is about they tell me I...
2815 days ago by testies
We have been hung up on from this number over 20 times.
2637 days ago by linda
call me about free home security system.i came to conclusion,it was a flim flam.i reported to police.
3187 days ago by Loomis
called my cell phone and did not leave amessage. I do not know of anyone from this number or how they got my cell number
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