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4005 days ago by Kevin
They called i said kindly "i am not interested thank you" they responded with "F*** you". They called again a half hour later...
3980 days ago by Angel Baby
when I answered n one was there and it sounded like a camera chick.
4025 days ago by xmarko
He told me that I was selected to receive a $1,000 shopping package. The company was called American Exotic Vacation. I told him that I was not...
3712 days ago by rosalyn
calling from different numbers/cash advance
4067 days ago by Sara
they called me twice today already an hour apart and they called me twice yesterday on a holiday and the first time they called was about a week...
3998 days ago by door2world
My bank account has been debited these amounts from this company, and we have never ordered anything from them. Do not know how they got our bank...
4054 days ago by Zafa
Somebody called me from these numbers, and I was asked some information. I want to know who are they. There is no information about these numbers...
3602 days ago by Desi
no message - calls daily
3007 days ago by kelly
These folks call 2 or 3 times a day. Do not leave any messages. When you call back they will not say who they are.
4434 days ago by itskathy
This number belongs to a money mule "home jobs" scam artist. He goes by he alias Jan Oneil on myspace.
4292 days ago by Blythe
I've gotten about 20 phone calls in the last 4 days. I got 3 within an hour time span. They say they're from, but i...
3984 days ago by Michele
I have tried to block this # a month ago. The calls stopped but, just received one again. I want it to stop. If I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST, w...
3641 days ago by amber
Calls at all hours many times per day yesterday they called 23 times i answer and they don't they never leave a message and if you call back...
3566 days ago by Rod Cutler
want this call stopped!!!
2740 days ago by marty
jason wayne for tour america
2918 days ago by dot
several calls in 1 day2 hours part
4386 days ago by Paul
Got a call from UNKNOWN (on caller ID). A recording said they were Honda Financial Services and wanted to arrange for my lease-end inspection. I...
3149 days ago by SH
Keeps calling my cell ... leaving messages with nothing in them ... chewing-up my minutes. It's BS ... make it stop.
4021 days ago by homer
i think they are scam artist
4083 days ago by Deborah
Google Affiliate to make money working from home scam. Calling my cell
3650 days ago by mary
This company has been debiting my friends checking account for months and we cannot get it stopped. Don't even remember what the call is...
3663 days ago by dszarka
This *&^%$@!# 888 number calls us several times a day. Before 9am and after 9pm. When we do answer to demand that we are put on their do not...
3533 days ago by Dan Quinn
Now hangs up when I (the wife) answers.
2865 days ago by FED-UP
Another sleaze ball solicitor.
3059 days ago by TRUMAN
National Recovery Agency...debt collector. Uses NRA as scam.
4153 days ago by Toni
Keep getting calls every couple of hours and very late in the night....
3466 days ago by Sherry
Called my job and threated to file a law suit on me. Keep calling me at work. Have asked them not call. Told my supervisor that thye would get...
3595 days ago by Brenda
stating that I have been notified and good luck
1336 days ago by NCMike
Received message from this number claiming to be Band Of America, gave a reference number and call them....they didn't answer or identify...
2368 days ago by rahul kumar
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