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4 days ago by Kagelelo Riehl
He will kill me
5 days ago by Lorena Bobbitt
Woke me up at 8:30 am on a Sunday (my one and only day to sleep in) and when I told him I'm on the National Do Not Call List and asked to be...
7 days ago by jmaus
calling my cell phone, research shows a scam from this number. all of a suden I am receiving calls from unwanted persons on my cell and I do not...
15 days ago by tonya
15 days ago by Kelly
I already am using TrapCall on my cell phone and my landline phone company has precautions in place to block unknown callers since I was recently...
21 days ago by felis
caller unknown
22 days ago by C
This number is from a Bill Collector !
24 days ago by waj
called at 2:51 am ON 9/30
25 days ago by none
robo call. btw Debt is spelled wrong
25 days ago by John
calls for conference attendance
30 days ago by Kay
Called while I was at work. I check on the internet, if I do not know the number.
32 days ago by Nicole
"This message is intended for Nicole Christner. File number 373-3701. My name is Sarah Martin. This call is in reference to a complaint that...
44 days ago by JJ
Been texting back an forth with husband some days all day. Scammed him out of hundreds of dollars. Phone carrier won't block because out of...
47 days ago by Angela
There are multiple phone calls to my cell phone from this number and they never leave a message. They need to STOP! How annoying!
50 days ago by Blood Donor
This is Blood Center of New Jersey, calling to sign up volunteers for blood donation. They are quite nice and will certainly take your name off...
51 days ago by Elise
51 days ago by john
claim to be tech support company
51 days ago by mohd asri
52 days ago by Yoda
Bob (caller) claimed to be calling from Microsoft to alert me that my computer was downloading a large number of viruses. He provided a suspect...
52 days ago by Pat
Wants to give $10,000 with no pay back
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