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2319 days ago by anon
called once, left no message
2319 days ago by Afraid
They call every day 3 to 4 times a day, from 800-496-4598 - 7 days a week. Ring 3 times then hang up. Tonight at 8pm they called and threatened...
2323 days ago by zombic internet police
Ce téléphone est de la fraude pour et simple. COMMUNIQUÉ AVEC LA POLICE DE VOTRE RÉGION !!!!! Référe...
2323 days ago by NMP
Dating Service
2323 days ago by s197girl
Part of a series of numbers that when answered tacts a $30 charge to your phone bill. They call over and over again until you get so fed up, you...
2324 days ago by Disgusted
DO NOT PICK UP!!! Why would anyone answer an unknown long distance number??? NEVER engage them in conversation OR ask to be "removed"!...
2325 days ago by Arie
Missed a call from this number.
2325 days ago by Lisa
unknown caller
2325 days ago by Tjerd
Robo-dialer. Called back, number disconnected
2326 days ago by Fred
Calls incessantly. If I block one number on my phone, they switch to another number! Horrible people.
2326 days ago by sick and tired
Got a call from 717-608-7443 twice now. Each time I pick up the phone it immediately rings through to some where else. Each time a fellow with a ...
2326 days ago by Harrison
caller asked who is this
2327 days ago by Sandy
Hang ups and sales pitch for health insurance. Spoofed Robo-Calls. Called number back to complain and offered opt-out of future calls by pres...
2327 days ago by DONT CALL ME
Get these ass clowns off me. STOP CALLING YA PRICKS!!!!!!
2327 days ago by bill
2328 days ago by Marlene
They called me at 1 in the morning and said my name repeatedly
2328 days ago by Manzini
2329 days ago by tom
he laughed and said 251
2329 days ago by lax
2329 days ago by lax
a friend
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