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1957 days ago by Don Pedro
Its been calling for a year
1957 days ago by Bucky
they call ask me all types of question wants to know my name won't give me there's
1962 days ago by Cg
Saying inappropriate things and won't stop calling.
1963 days ago by mw
calling in regard to subscription services for various newspapers
1964 days ago by peewee
harassing calls all hours
1965 days ago by Joe
1966 days ago by ma
repetitive calls with 'impotant info...
1967 days ago by Tommy
Text message.
1969 days ago by TMB
Threatening a summons in court
1969 days ago by chanti
address of company
1970 days ago by Ian
1970 days ago by Kisha
Unknown caller asking for social security varification
1970 days ago by mike
1970 days ago by Bill
Got some call from this number. Company claims to be a "business affairs" manager.
1972 days ago by Ron
Harrassenment calls
1972 days ago by janey
There was a text but it was blank.
1976 days ago by Ipso
514-904-3190 They asked for my opinion on gaysex in school told them its ok as long as they don't make a mess in the washroom
1976 days ago by jessica
i keep getting calls from this number asking for payment on a loan from 2008 that I never took out.
1976 days ago by mike
scam caller please get the fbi involved and put them to jail they need to be shut down they wanted me to paid $150 for a 500 dollar loan
1977 days ago by Deb Herrington
S. Clayton calls 25 times every day. It is a machine. I have called them back, but they refuse to answer. This is a major problem for our...
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