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Phone Owner
Caller Type
Nancy White
According to 1 people
Dept Collector
According to 3 people
Area Code
Dundee, Florida
Verizon Florida Inc.
Number Variations: 863/438/1785 - 863.438.1785 - 8634381785 - 863 438 1785
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8634381785 User Reports

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28th Apr, 2011 by ellesue
Reported Number: 863-438-1785
Caller type: Unknown
Phone owner: Nancy White
Middle-Eastern accent, says she's from "Law and Investigation." After I got her phone # and "name", I told her that what she was doing was illegal and that I would turn her name and phone number over to the authorities. Told her "You have a great day" and hung up.
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21st Apr, 2011 by Jennifer M
Reported Number: 8634381785
Caller type: Dept Collector
Phone owner: Unknown
**** SCAM ALERT **** Calling multiple times daily claiming to be from ??? Resolution Center, middle eastern accent, name of James Alton, call back number (863)438-1785. Says my name an SS# are under investigation. Also received calls from the call back number, same fraudulent claims. Say I owe money for a defaulted payday loan. This loan does not exist, when pressed to provide proof, they will not mail anything to me, why? Because if they did they would be committing the fraud, Mail Fraud. Do not answer the calls, block numbers if possible. Report the numbers to Federal Trade Commission. DO NOT confirm any information or agree to pay them anthing. THIS IS A SCAM
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14th Apr, 2011 by Brandon
Reported Number: 863-438-1785
Caller type: Prank Caller
Phone owner: Unknown
I got a call AT My workplace WHICH IS ILLEGAL. I gave them my old cell phone number and he supposedly said he would call back at 8am in the morning. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that number I gave him no longer works and he can no longer call my new cell phone since i blocked his number. the power of verizon wireless. He is a indian accent. when I got smart with him he freaked out and I cussed him out(which I normally don't do) and he wouldn't shut up. He kept going "huh?" "huh?" "huh?" Apparently he can speak english (albeit very badly), but he can't understand a word of it. I told him my middle name from my phone. He asked for my phone number to reach brandon (my first name) at. I gave him my old prepaid number (oops i'm sorry). I kept telling him he had wrong number, and he started that "Huh" crap again. I hung up on him and if he calls my work again, I will have his number traced and have him put in jail for harassing me at work. I never applied for a loan he said i applied for. He is not a "government police officer". they would not call you at work, and by federal law, they have to send you papers first IF they are trying to pursue you fro payment. Im not letting that bother me as he will no longer be getting in contact with me. That happened to me before and unfortunantly my mom had to pay a guy (english speaking one that sounded more legit). That a differetn story. Anyway, I advise people to nto answer if the guy calls from this number or ignore it and report it immediately, I am being nice by just blocking it from my cell phone. However, if he calls my work again (I dont knwo how he got the number in the first place), I will have him arrested. I never approved of the loan that I applied for at some cash usa place. besides I changed my checking account number anyway so he can't take out money automatically. so HA!!!
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12th Apr, 2011 by a.stack
Reported Number: 8634381785
Caller type: Dept Collector
Phone owner: Unknown
I recieved a call from this number today telling me its from the united states gov. and I was freaked out because they had my ss#. and he claimed to be a officer. so I called back because i wasn't sure about whats going on. So he was telling me im under investigation because of a loan I applyed for. Saying that I recieved the money and I didn't pay it back. which is a lie i never got the loan because I didn't approve it. now he is saying i am going to be getting served tomorrow for this action. Just freaks me out and makes me worry because he has all my infomation. I hope who ever this is that it is a scam and im not going to be hit with anything. So be careful if you come across this number.
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9th Apr, 2011 by Kathy R, Cypress Texas
Reported Number: 863-438-1785
Caller type: Dept Collector
Phone owner: Unknown
Just listened to my voicemail. Far Eastern male I could barely understand claiming a government investigation concerning my ss#. Its not only a scam but it is very pathetic. Ask him what his name is and he will say Bob Smith or Mark Stevens,,, Yeah ....right, and I am a blonde blue eyed of german irish descent named Nahira Abdullah Hamad, I started getting weird calls after applying for a pay day loan from Cash net USA. Ignore it.

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