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3775 days ago by kelly greenwood
demanding i pay a debt i dont owe, have had lawenforcement involved, they called and talked to sherriff 5 times while he was here investigating...
3684 days ago by Suzette
Don't know - do not answer, but received three calls over a period of three days. No messages left by caller to identify person or call...
2928 days ago by peter
2183 days ago by Fawzia
Just hang up & calls every five minutes
3747 days ago by zam
person calling but not saying anything
3694 days ago by Mom daddy
The caller keeps quiet all the time, i mean i received their call twice already today and i have no idea who this is. And when i call them back...
3823 days ago by Mel
This international number called my phone and asked if I had a home security system. I said that I think this is a scam and said that I was going...
2509 days ago by shabbah
she called looking for nelly but never mentioned why so is very important to mentioned compnany and reason for calling
2342 days ago by mmapula
I received a missed call on this number on monday 10/11/2014
2621 days ago by louis
who are you ????
3343 days ago by Tanya
called saying she was from nedbank and offered me a credit car - woman could barely speak english. then she hung up after i said i wasnt...
3677 days ago by tsb
they phoned me but as soon as i answer they just hang up
2581 days ago by Rob Hiuo
I just spoke to Nedbank fraud help line - they confirm the following: 1.) Nedbank has your details and has no need to confirm 2.) Nedbank will ne...
3595 days ago by shumani
Please call me back as i cannot be able to call you back,please
3714 days ago by david
foreignede language
3630 days ago by shameika
they speak a forign language...I cant understand them...and I wish they would stop...
3708 days ago by nick
for 2 weeks now, i get at least 10 calls a day. when you phone back phone put down
3778 days ago by dennis
This is a number from China First call today. No voicemail
2344 days ago by Katie Earl
I frequently get missed calls from this number but get no response when I call back
2150 days ago by puso
What to the location of this caller
1958 days ago by Tsholofelo
I received a missed call from 011 981 6800,three times.
2564 days ago by BBcaller
No answer on the other side, get 20 calls a day fo rthe past 3 weeks! :(
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