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4426 days ago by igorv
call received on my iphone, t-mobile - slovakia.... -missed call, I cannot call back...
3887 days ago by Nophonyphonecall
Call today at 18:20 sharp. Not the first call from this number. Couldn't find it on the reverse phone book.
4441 days ago by bluecove
qui est ce?
4098 days ago by Brendan
Illegal calls to area code 021 828.... in Switzerland. Will be denounced in line with the swiss law of personal protection.
3740 days ago by Laszlo
Repeted calls on January 13, 2011.
4476 days ago by Intrusive
Unknow dialer
4429 days ago by Marie-Elise
I want to know who they are and stop them from calling me 10 tiems a day since a month.
3826 days ago by Del Castillo Pablo
Plusieure fois par jours j'ai des appele de ce téléphone sans que personne est au bout du fil. Je suis presque sur que...
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