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3484 days ago by HateSpammers
Yankee called again 6 days later, same message selling lead lists, leaving an unsolicited voicemail message on my phone. Filed a second report at...
4770 days ago by Jen
Calling up to 4 or 5 times per day. I have not answered the calls, no messages have been left.
3422 days ago by roxanna
they call me 5 times a day and it's fucking annoyinh
3603 days ago by Grammy
Tired of getting these phone calls. They are calling 3 and 4 times a day. I want it to stop NOW.
4765 days ago by Gregory
Called at 10:10 am on 09/30/08
3389 days ago by CJ
Person called from this number indicating he was with "Q-Fact." He was asking me if I wanted to participae in an on-line survey. I...
3841 days ago by Bonz
Keep getting calls from this number with only breathing on the other end! ...
3988 days ago by Denny/Benny Narter
Trying to get money for loan help business. Dont trust him. He is half slow con man.
4051 days ago by Beth
Calls and never leaves messages, who is this
4245 days ago by JR
Keeps calling wont quit it is a computer asking for someone i dont know and have never heard of
3917 days ago by bob
they all ways call and hang up i just want it to stop
3954 days ago by Joe davis
false claim.. these people are nuts.. go to hell .. take that phone and shove it up your ass.
3926 days ago by F
3923 days ago by Ernie
Thanks Yahoo! I'm looking for a job and filled out your online bullshit. And then ya sell my number and at least 10 calls from stupid...
4310 days ago by Alecia
This is really getting annoying.... There is no one on the phone when I say "Hello". I have tried calling them back and I get a mailbox...
3763 days ago by m.a.z
just calling
3800 days ago by Wayne
missed call from this number
3921 days ago by Jim Shmoe
Jack Ass Debt Collector
3866 days ago by Bill
They called me and nobody at the other end
3910 days ago by Edong
Did not answer. Did not recognize the ph#. Google Search found this to be a possible computer making the calls.
4049 days ago by Bryn Mawr
Gotten several of these calls today. I would answer, they would hang up. I call back, it says the number is disconnected.
3727 days ago by Hint
This # keeps calling & waiting to see if I say anything & hang's up. Whats the deal? Why cant they speak? I'd like to give who...
4317 days ago by T
Called my cell phone at 2:50 PM Dec 22, no msg left
4603 days ago by Joe
Just happened to ring and once i was off another line, i called back and a fax was the answer...
4198 days ago by dianna
it calls my cell phone! no one I know.
4041 days ago by rachael
call and hang up
4219 days ago by Robert Meek
Answered, silent, hung up instantly on me.
4642 days ago by Arizona
Answered. There was no response from the caller.
2797 days ago by chilco
keeps ringing my phone line and then clicks to a blank recording...
4735 days ago by Lee
several missed calls on my cell phone and they never leave messages
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