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3469 days ago by Jeff W
Didn't answer since I didn't know the number. Hoped they'd leave a voicemail, but they didn't.
4430 days ago by whatsthis
text message
4534 days ago by CIN CIN
4436 days ago by Annoyed!
They better stop calling those of us on the Do NOT Call List!!!!!!!
2746 days ago by PL
Kept noticing caller ID showing up from 1-414-224-3581, never left a message on my home phone answering machine...I was always at work. Took the...
4502 days ago by a concerned person
Said they had the wrong number before I even had the word hello out...the number on caller ID was 414-224-4990 ...
4541 days ago by jh0n
"nick crawford" from "windsor engineering" trying to headhunt my engineers. ;) second call from this asshole.
3846 days ago by jim
414-236-0740 - CDT Possible Cell Phone Carrier: T-MOBILE USA, INC. MILWAUKEE ZONE 4, WI
2655 days ago by betty
a woman calls. tells me to call her back. does not give name. happens every 3 weeks
4100 days ago by Aneta
Called twice on my phone, no one responded
4290 days ago by dad
This number is assigned to a local walgreens pharmacy, you dolts.
4455 days ago by nicole
I dont want calls from this number
3783 days ago by Rita Monroe
Mr. Shaffer contacted me and said that I owed money for a payday loan. He reduced it down to 689.50 from $4000. something. He pressured me into...
4453 days ago by Kevin
3-5 calls daliy, asked to stop calling take me off they're list calls keep coming! What can I do?
4409 days ago by Andrea
Left me a message said to call back about a personal matter. He didn't say anything else. His name was Insintay (or at least that's...
3748 days ago by AH
3904 days ago by Lynne
Phone rang, I saw the caller ID, picked up the phone after the second ring, no one was there.
4093 days ago by AK78
Swiss Fundraising Company...
4378 days ago by H
Weather Tight Corporation 11400 W. Oklahoma Avenue West Allis, WI 53227
3742 days ago by T
repeated calls
4462 days ago by Jane
Called and wanted a copy of an employees check stub!
4539 days ago by Deb
Debt collector, Talked to "Don", who was a total scum bag. Yelled over the phone at me while I was trying to make payment arrangments....
3945 days ago by coachmedinger
3 calls back to back. i didn't answer
4426 days ago by Mike
would not leave very careful when receiving this call
3661 days ago by na
Keep CALL LOG on your computer and then access and use to fill out... FILE COMPLAINT WITH F C C online simple only # 2 minutes to fil...
4089 days ago by david
This is a water damage restoration and flood damage cleanup company offering...
3845 days ago by telemarketer hater
Just another loser telemarketer with more time on their hands than Carter has liver pills. They need to get a life.
3656 days ago by melody eledge
caller called 4-27-11 at 4:47 pm ...
3353 days ago by Tammy
caller saying with voice changing...i killed all your crop and on and on then hung up
4148 days ago by Banquo
Bogus spam call. I have found at least 10 other sites about this number and all of them have a post from someone providing numbers to call that...
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