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4483 days ago by john
no message
3658 days ago by Randy
Brand new go phone just days old; I don't even know my phone number yet, but I began getting calls from this number very shortly after...
4210 days ago by chris
4 times a day... EVERY day
4330 days ago by Michael
Capital Produce Distributors Inc. 803-227-2990, 877-437-2990 Johnny Hollfield P.O Drawer 1667 Irma,SC [email protected]
3892 days ago by mario
computer voice saying they needed more info to continue benefits
4428 days ago by dropit
Keep getting hang ups from this number, any info out there?
3693 days ago by g8
by name, asked if I or any familydwas a diabetic.
3621 days ago by Melvin Wright
This caller calls my cell phone every day and saids nothing, also it disconnects when I ansewer and I can't call it back! I/m afraid it'...
3484 days ago by Harold
Another scamer call? who's number or what is this number to?
3882 days ago by sha sah
keeps bothering me.
3096 days ago by Capt'n
Williamson and Fudge Debt collector. Buys past due citi bank student loans and then proceeds to attempt to ruin your life. Claims food stamps are...
4231 days ago by Texas Girl
I have yet to answer it, but the message they left was very undiscriptive, the only reason I know that they do collections is from looking up the...
4462 days ago by Marty
I answered the call, they asked for a "Mr. Hernandez" I stated that she (the Caller) had the wrong number. She paused then asked me to...
4383 days ago by Concerned citizen
Bank of America collector
4448 days ago by scottius
really rude, calls 10 times a day
4323 days ago by Heavenjn
Same thing her.I received a phone call from this number saying they were from UPS and calling re an outstanding bill. I have not dealt with UPS...
4358 days ago by Seascape
UPS calling for a oversea shipment, customs information.
3657 days ago by Shiloh
Some giggling and what sounded like roughhousing, then they hung up.
3942 days ago by josh
continues to call over and over again asking if im married
4394 days ago by georgia girl
I told her that the person she was looking for wasn't there. She replied "well when she returns, tell her that Kim with ARS called in...
4272 days ago by Kara
Call from people at Fort Jackson, SC
4223 days ago by cali
They just said they were from the Fire Fighters Fund Raising office...when I traced the was a number from some Consignment Shop in NC...
3980 days ago by Johnice Tarver
Repeated calls, I've asked for them to remove me from call list but they continue to call
3824 days ago by greg
this number calls my cell multiple times during the day. almost daily between 11 am and 1 pm. and again from 3pm to 6 pm
4581 days ago by Bobby
4581 days ago by Bobby
Our office received a call on 9-22-08 and they asked for me, but couldn't even pronouce my name. They called on 9-24-08 and breathed, but...
4260 days ago by suthernboy
These guys are a co-collections agency related to or contracted by Citi Finance according to the local branch office. I am currently out of work...
4447 days ago by Sarah
When I answer this call there is no one there so I hang up. I try to call the number back and receive a recording stating that the number is no...
3827 days ago by somsom
I have received a call from this number and didn't get a message. Calld it back and it was a disconnected number. This was just last week....
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