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3267 days ago by bobusn
this number keeps calling at all times as early as 7am
4332 days ago by Ellen
no one there when I answered. I called back the number and it said Verizon wireless the number has been changed. I hung up after that. the actual...
4212 days ago by Ron
Keeps calling and won't stop. Hangs up when tring to tak to them.
4195 days ago by jaydee
keeps calling
3666 days ago by Abiah
Called my cell phone but I was at work so I didn't answer. Left no message.
3778 days ago by Johnny222
been receiving annoying text message from this number.
2776 days ago by panzuta
no answer
4355 days ago by Sick Of It!
Not sure who or what they want. They keep insisting I am "Josh,Joshua or J Goodwin" or "E, Eva or Evette Santana". I have...
4538 days ago by paula
Phone rang, thought I heard a fax, immediate disconnect.
3811 days ago by scott
This is a scam. They bought the information from id theft crooks and are using it to threaten people. I already checked and the number is spoofed...
4444 days ago by Fran
Keep getting calls from this number. No message, just continuous calls.
4489 days ago by Me
See this link:
4455 days ago by Jenn
Left no message.
3782 days ago by larry
For at least the last four years, possibly longer, a group has been calling former payday loan applicants advising them that they have defrauded...
4561 days ago by sss
4318 days ago by Mike
Came from a Smart Debtor ... dont know who that is?
2835 days ago by Bert
When I call this number I get a "Do Not Call List" menu. "Enter 1 " to be on the do not call list. Who owns this number?
4002 days ago by Blue
27 April 2010 Received this call on voice mail thick foreign tongue This is Gabreil Kanoy at heartland call back the second you get this call or...
4066 days ago by anna
he tried to use intimidation and scare tactics to get me to pay them some money for a bogus debt or to give thme the number of my attorney
3824 days ago by ppp
This message is attended for_____________________ ...
4062 days ago by Sarah
Keeps on calling me and not leaving a message.
2509 days ago by Hello
Find caller name
4373 days ago by BB
Called my cell phone a couple of days in a row. Once I pushed 2 to be removed; once I pushed 1 to talk to someone but no response, so I wasn'...
4059 days ago by Phreddie
Received two calls 3/1/2010 -- no response on either
4419 days ago by Gvenez
I get scam calls for vehicle insurance. cheapos
4440 days ago by Paul L.
Called my cell phone which they are NOT supposed to be calling!
4374 days ago by babs
these peopled called my minor daughter who doesn't own a car leave her alone!!!!
4368 days ago by CRK
Got one from this number today on my cell - these companies keep calling using different numbers every time. If you go to this address, http:/...
4326 days ago by Pamela
did not leave voicemail; i hit redial thinking it was a client then curious about the area code, googled the number.
4450 days ago by Derek
This is a scam regarding the warranty on the car. Telling them to not call you back doesn't help. Using the "1" key to register...
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