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Looking for information about someone based on their phone number? You've probably punched the phone number into Google or another free search engine... but you didn't really find what you're looking for. Right?

If it's an unlisted phone number or cell phone, you'll need to run a premium reverse phone lookup.

If the phone number is a landline, you can often find out owner information for free online. Here are two websites that might be helpful:

1.) - is a great place to find originating location based on phone number. You can run a free search at this site. It will use a free database from the government to tell you where a call is coming from.

2.) - If you're looking for a phone number that's listed in the phone book, check out where you can find the owner name and address of a phone number for free.

Every phone number is associated with a person or business. These details are kept in databases. Thanks to the Internet, you can browse these databases and find people by phone using a comprehensive reverse phone directory such as Reverse Phone Detective.

To find people by cell phone numbers used to be impossible. When you go to Reverse Phone Detective, all you need to do is enter the entire 10 digit phone number you are interested in. You don't need any other information to find people by phone numbers, not even the state where the person lives.

How The Search Works

The search, which usually takes less than a minute, scours databases for the phone number in question. When the record is found, the information is presented on the screen. You will see the full name of the person associated with the number, as well as the complete address.

Using a reverse phone directory like Reverse Phone Detective to find people by phone numbers can be useful in a number of situations. For example, if you respond to an ad in the classifieds, you can use these directories to determine how close the seller is to your home.

Another use for these directories might be to help you track down the whereabouts of someone who has been harassing you, or of a long lost friend or family member. In any event where you have limited information, such as the 10-digit phone number, you can use this service to find people by phone.

Why Choose Our Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Service

Not all reverse phone directories are created equal. While all of them work basically the same way, the size and the content of the databases as well as the services provided are not the same. For example, if the number you’re using is a cell phone or unlisted number, you may not be able to find people by phone using most available online directories. However, Reverse Phone Detective incorporates cell phone and unlisted numbers-- beating out most other reverse directories in cyberspace or otherwise.

Using some reverse directories, you may not always be able to find people by phone numbers because they do not include access to enough records (or don't keep them up to date). Obviously, the more records that can be searched in a database, like the one in Reverse Phone Detective, the better your chances of being able to find people by phone.

Start Your Search Now

Reverse Phone Detectives’ database includes access to hundreds of millions of records for residents of the United States. In addition, Reverse Phone Detective offers value-added services for customers, such as access to additional databases, free search assistance and advanced search tools. For this reason, using Reverse Phone Detective is your solution to find people by phone!

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