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The Truth About Caller ID Spoofing and Call Spoofing

Caller ID spoofing is a new and great way to protect you and your family's privacy against all kinds of phone harassment. Caller ID spoofing services provide you anonymity. This means that you wouldn't have to give away your real phone number every time you make a call. Call spoofing is using a "dummy caller ID" chosen by you that appears on the called persons phone display. This way the caller ID spoofing service disguises your caller ID, keeping your privacy.

The security of this service is improved by the fact that caller ID spoofing uses VOIP technology. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and it allows phone calls over an Internet connection. So, caller ID spoofing using VOIP simply transfers calls from the telephone carrier to the Internet, using a private secured channel. This is why call spoofing is safer.

Caller ID spoofing appeared in 2003 and was marketed for law enforcement and private investigators. Call spoofing is used by private investigators for what, in their business, is known as "pretext calling". A pretext call is one in which investigators solicit information over the phone under a shifty pretense. We know that caller ID spoofing has helped investigators solve many cases using this method.

Nowadays this service is avaible for everybody. Caller ID spoofing and call spoofing have created many controversies about the legality of these services. It is true that some could use call spoofing to make pranks and jokes to their friends and in this way harass them. But this kind of manifestation is harmless and those people that criticize the caller ID spoofing service have to admit that this service is the only way someone could protect his real phone number, and with it, his privacy.


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13th Dec, 2009 by Kimba
I don't consider spoofing by telemarketers harmless. We're a cellular only familty and these calls and texts cost us additional money!
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15th Nov, 2010 by Petra
A man who introduced himself as Jason asked me if I was going to continue my education. My cell phone is on the "Do Not Call List."
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18th Apr, 2011 by Jackie
If someone called you and the phone had your bank on it and they started asking you questions about your account then it would still be harmless I guess. Your joking right??? If you don't have the balls to call with your own name you shouldn't be calling period.
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4th Mar, 2014 by anon
The laws should be change such that a) telemarketers are required to present valid Caller ID info and b) any "spoofed" number must be registered, logged, and allow for authorities to trace back the actual caller. In the mean time, I'm only giving out my Google Voice number, and not answering the phone (at all, ever) unless it's someone I know AND I actually want to talk to them at the time. Most people that know me know to send me an e-mail (not a "message" on "social media") if they ever want any kind of response. If someone "needs" to have an actual vocal conversation with me (and they're not the bank or my alarm monitoring company), they need to arrange it via e-mail ahead of time. Otherwise, they're out of luck.

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