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Jim Smith
According to 1 people
Area Code
Number Variations: 813/347/9440 - 813.347.9440 - 8133479440 - 813 347 9440
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8133479440 User Reports

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8th Nov, 2010 by deedee
Reported Number: 813-347-9440
Caller type: Unknown
Phone owner: Unknown
This man called my job began telling the secretary that I owed them money, the amount and that they were going to sue me. This is the second time I got a call from this number it is a scam becareful
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5th Nov, 2010 by brian
Reported Number: 8133479440
Caller type: Unknown
Phone owner: Nathan Hall
This guy left me two messages regarding a loan I applied for online??? They were trying to debit my account but it was declined. They said they were pursuing a class action law suit or I could "pay" and settle out of court. This guy could barely speak English and claimed to be an attorney. It sounded like a customer service three ring circus in the background. If you get a call from this number odds are it is a SCAM!! Tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine.
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1st Nov, 2010 by John Martin
Reported Number: 813-347-9440
Caller type: Unknown
Phone owner: Jim Smith
The person called about my father Richard Martin, who passed away 4 years ago. If these people (Idia ascent) want to harrass my father then I will get a lawyer. My father were all paid in 2006. Nobody tries to scam my father or me. These guys are scam artist!!!!!!

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