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According to 1 people
Dept Collector
According to 1 people
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Dekalb, Illinois
Verizon North Inc. Il
Number Variations: 815/758/8216 - 815.758.8216 - 8157588216 - 815 758 8216
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8157588216 User Reports

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14th Feb, 2011 by call me MAD in Washington state
Reported Number: 815-758-8216
Caller type: Unknown
Phone owner: MIWS
DEKALB COUNTY SOLUTIONS Mailing Address: P.O. Box 447 Sycamore, IL 60178 Phone # 8157588216 The people at 8157588216 DEKALB COUNTY SOLUTIONS have called me 2 times now I have told them twice now not to call my # . They are trying to collect a bill that is over 19 years old 1992 and the Statute of limitations ended at 7 years and the new laws it say up to 10 if they refilled after 7 years. I explained that I had disputed the bill and they kept saying I owed the bill I told them to try to collect it then and what court would let them they then offered to settle for 250.00 and take me off their records. This is a scam and harassment. They know that they can't collect it. So they told me again how you are going to collect it they told me they would call again and again till I paid up. This is a form of extortion and should be criminal .I again told them not to call my cell phone again and if they did I would report it to the district attorney. (Meant to say Attorney General of our state.)I told him I had already looked up on the internet his company and that it is well known on the internet they can't collect any money this way unless you admit you owe the money and arrange to make a payment. Once you do this the statute of limitations starts over. SO PLEASE ADMIT NOTHING TO ANY BILL OVER 10 YEARS OLD. They will try to scare you into making a payment through extortion by harassment. If you doubt what I say call an attorney and ask if you are legally obligated to pay a bill that is over 10 years old to a collection service (exceptions are Child Support, school loans and tax’s). If you want to get back at them call their # regularly and let them know your displeasure at what they are doing . Turn the game against them tell them you will keep calling them and have your friends call them if we get enough people complaining they will stop this practice.
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5th Nov, 2010 by mr. ahnonimuss
Reported Number: 8157588216
Caller type: Unknown
Phone owner: Unknown
I got the same type of call as reported by Kathy on 28JUN10; except I ignored it at first. I called it back and the ladt who answered was evasive and wouldnt answer any questions. She attempted to transfer me so I hung up. I got called back a minute later. The woman caller made herself sound knowledgable, but was snippy making snide comments. During the conversation she says she is from DCS and is collecting for Texaco. Per my states laws I recorded the conversation and let her know I was doing so. The debt she claims to be collecting for goes back 12 years. I used to work debt collection and let her know that I am familiar with the FDCPA and that their collection practices do not align with the law. I also informed her not to call me again.
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28th Jun, 2010 by Kathy
Reported Number: 815-758-8216
Caller type: Unknown
Phone owner: Unknown
Calls all the time, usually got fed up and answered. Conversation went as follows: Me: Hello? Them: My I speak to Sarah? Me: Who is calling? Them:....ah...Colby. Me: With? Them: ...ah...Shell. Me: I don't know a Sarah, have been getting calls from this number for a long time, it's a cellphone, stop calling. Them: I'm sorry, I must have the wrong number. END. I don't have a Shell account, never have, don't know who they are looking for. Don't like the hesitancy in her voice....obvious lies.
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Reported Number: 8157588216
Caller type: Dept Collector
DeKalb County Solutions, Inc COLLECTION AGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Copyright © 2006-2009 - DeKalb County Solutions. All rights reserved. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 447 Sycamore, IL 60178

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