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The internet is a fantastic resource the can help you find just about anything you are looking for, including information about other people. While there are a variety of reasons why someone may want to research or find out an individual's personal information, today it is common for internet users to use the web to try and trace the owner of a cell phone number.

Why are people interested in tracing the owner of a mobile phone? There could be many reasons, some of which include:

- The person has been receiving unwanted (wrong number, prank, telemarketing) phone calls from a number they don't recognize.

- An unknown number appears in the person's call history or their phone bill.

- The person finds a number they don't recognize written on a piece of paper.

- A person wants to find out who has been calling their partner or child.

- A person wants to trace their own phone number to find out what personal details are provided about them online.

If you have wanted to use the internet to trace a cell phone number owner, there are basically two different methods you can try. The first is to find a free reverse cell phone lookup service. All you need to do is type the keyword phrase "free reverse cell phone lookup" or "free reverse cell phone number lookup" in the query box of a search engine and choose one of the sites that result from your search.

Enter the area code and 7-digit number into the search box as directed by the provided example (I.E. 111-111-1111). You should be provided with very few results, none of which will include the owner's personal details (name and phone number), but should include the location (city and state) of the phone number, and the current carrier associated with the number. However, keep in mind that it is possible for the information within a free directory to be outdated, as cellular phone subscribers frequently change phone providers, and phone numbers

If you require more information to trace the address, and want to ensure that the information you are looking for is up-to-date, the second option you have using the internet is a service that will trace a cell phone number for a fee. You will find that some sties will provide a monthly subscription for those who are interested, other websites will offer a pay per search option, and some will offer both options. Regardless of the service that interests you, these online directories are regularly updated and are often quite accurate. Moreover the information will usually include the name and address of the current owner of the mobile phone number.


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28th Jan, 2011 by niyaz
i got a wrong call and msg from tat no, so i like to trace tat no
-3 Votes
12th Feb, 2011 by Annie
who every you are stop calling me number - am not interested in whatever you have to say or sell.
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10th Mar, 2011 by Pelican
Want to find out who own this number 800-361-7583. This number has been calling our home four and five times per day. By the time you get to the telephone there is no one there. This is very frustrating.
-1 Votes
22nd Apr, 2011 by rocknrod
if any one knows angie wilson who has just moved to texarkana ar please contact me
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17th Oct, 2013 by Robert Colgan
Who are you any way that I am deaf person that I cant stand to call me that you have no tty machaine for the deaf person of telephone type writer that means tty so please back off that I am deaf person and deaf mute please stay away from my name and phone number please back off Thank you deaf person and deaf mute

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