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In the past, finding out how who owned an unlisted telephone number was a virtual impossibility. Today, things are different. If you need to find an unlisted, unpublished or cell phone number, you can by using Reverse Phone Detective.

But before you search, it's important to know the difference between different types of unlisted phone numbers. There is a difference between unlisted phone numbers, unpublished phone numbers, and private phone numbers.

Unlisted phone numbers are not included in your local phone book. However, they may still be available through electronic databases and other public domain resources. Unpublished numbers are usually omitted from any of these databases. Most phone companies charge extra for having unlisted phone numbers or unpublished phone numbers.

Private Phone Numbers Vs. Unlisted Phone Numbers

Private numbers are a little different. When you receive a call and your caller ID lists the number as "Private," there are usually two reasons for that. One reason is that the person calling has requested the service from the telephone company. Another reason is that people can manually block a number by entering a specific code.

In both cases, the number can be manually unblocked by entering another code. Unlisted and unpublished numbers also sometimes come up as private.

While having these options is a great way for us to protect our privacy, they can also provide a great way for other people to block their identities when they are using their telephones to harass you or to hide from you. Luckily in these cases, you do have some options.

Unlisted Phone Numbers: Custom Calling

A few telephone companies now offer Custom Calling services. With these services, any caller trying to reach you with an unlisted phone number will be prompted to enter a code, unblock the number, or say their name.

While this service has potential, it is not useful to people who have already been harassed, who live in areas where the services aren't available, or who can't afford the cost. For these people, there are other ways of finding information about their callers.

If you want to know the person's phone number and you have an address, even an old address, you can use that information to find unlisted phone numbers. A more expensive method is to put a trace on your line.

Find Out More About Unlisted Phone Numbers

Luckily, Reverse Phone Detective solves the problem of unlisted phone numbers. First, lots of people calling and harassing others are not smart enough to use blocked or unlisted phone numbers. In those cases, you only need to get the person's land line or cell phone number and Reverse Phone Detective can find the caller's name and address.

Second, Reverse Phone Detective has listings from public records and expanded databases making it easy for you the find the owner of an unlisted phone number and even more details, including: background information, criminal records resources, address history, possible family members, neighbors and more.

So if you've ever looked at your caller ID and it said "unlisted", you can feel confident knowing that Reverse Phone Detective is on your side and will give you the information you need!
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