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4375 days ago by chris
phone company can't stop it and it keeps calling and nobody on the other end of the line and leaves no messages. ...
4313 days ago by Sergio
Received numerous calls from this number. If you live in Canada, you can place a complaint with CRTC.
4278 days ago by ls
There was no caller id from this call except number. I tried to call back, but an recording said that the call could not be completed as dialed.
4307 days ago by shortee
Just call ask for me not sure but sound like a telemarketer
4327 days ago by Maggie
When I said Hello, caller hang-up
3785 days ago by Simika
Some foreigner keeps calling my job and cell saying this is an important legal matter but doesnt give me any info on what type of legal matter...
4254 days ago by mike
This is a water damage restoration and flood damage cleanup company offering...
4494 days ago by tripinbassplyer
I received a call from this number claiming they were Western Union, asking to verify my money transaction. I hope that this number is indeed...
4412 days ago by S
It is world financial bank for victoria secret and/or new york and company credit cards.
4619 days ago by duck
This company is listed as Disabled American Vets on my caller ID. They use several #'s and call all day long. The first one started at 7:41...
4698 days ago by Patti
Calls several times a day and never leaves a message.
4706 days ago by T
Asked if Richard was in I said no he wasn't. Lady said Thank you and hung up
4357 days ago by Patsy
These calls come all day long and in the evenings too. When I answer no one's there, and they don't leave a message.
4314 days ago by Sonic
I've read several websites stating that these calls are possibly a really big scam. I don't have credit cards with any of the banks...
4269 days ago by Sara
I would like to know how they got my number?!?! Never filled anything out so how did they get it?!?! I wish they would just leave me alone!!!!
4604 days ago by nina
call couple times a day, no msg
4322 days ago by vincent
I have been receiving calls from this number for quite awhile now. I receive at least 10 a day, even on Sundays.
4410 days ago by Delia
No info
3770 days ago by sylvia
rec'ing calls several times daily
4382 days ago by Myla
Calls my cell phone at least twice a day, in morning and late at night, never leaves a message
4344 days ago by ac
Who are these dillweeds? They are a nusance to the airwaves. How do we report abuse?
3972 days ago by Thomas Jacques
Call came through my caller ID as Very Important Message. When I didn't pick-up (dinner time, I live in Calif.)there was no message left but...
3940 days ago by Michelle
This phone number has called me multiple times with no one responding on the line. I have tried calling back and there was no answer.
4381 days ago by Boss
SMS Message
4592 days ago by may
called with claims.
4699 days ago by PDC
Product Development Corporation (PDC) is a national distributor of telephone directories. PDC utilizes phone calls to confirm delivery of...
3962 days ago by muffins
i get these beep beep beep sounds on my work phone randomly but in three call bursts. they leave beep voice mails and nothing else. wtf
4460 days ago by ME
This number comes up on my caller-id on a regular (daily) basis! I am certain that it is either a 'collector' or a 'solicitor'...
4240 days ago by ssl
Called then hang up.
3880 days ago by David Herod
Received four calls from the number above
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