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2673 days ago by AIM
He identified himself as a Microsoft person who saw a posting on their tech site (this is true) and was calling to address my issue. I got...
4068 days ago by LDski
Won't stop calling - when answer, no response. Calls up to 5 times a day.
4661 days ago by ?
4708 days ago by Angela A
Called at midnight. dont know him.
3948 days ago by Bee
I have received calls from this number for the last several weeks. The callers have accents making their messages hard to understand. The return...
4617 days ago by Jody Russell
no details just missed call
3806 days ago by Kimberly
Representative said I had a lawsuit against my SSN. I asked for proof of their allegations. Both times their "attorney" hung up on me.
3962 days ago by AJ
claims to be from a law firm but would not give name of firm. Made 7 harrassing calls in a row to a line not in my name. Last call stated that I...
3966 days ago by mmm
telemarketer wanting call back to NY number also heavily accented Indian
3989 days ago by ann
they keep calling and not saying antything
3619 days ago by kris
Who is this call from?
3831 days ago by Jessica
This person scamming people for 150.00 off a ad from this webset Please look into it! Thank you!
3822 days ago by Dorita Kelley
4572 days ago by pu
want the address
3802 days ago by Dena johnson
this person is calling and stating that i have committed credit fraud and will be prosecuted for 3 different federal charges when i ask for...
3772 days ago by Exi
Called again, asked for ssn#
3783 days ago by Mary Greer
Person says his name is Steve Warner and has been harrasing me demanding money and will not give me his company name either. I am going to refer...
3932 days ago by odette
keep asking for heather and keep calling everyday for like 3 to 4 times a day annoying
2585 days ago by TERRI
Person was very rude and threatening. Asked for my attorney's name and phone number. Also asked for social security number and bank...
4591 days ago by N
This # came up on my id, I didn't answer since I was on the other line.
3864 days ago by Craig
This is a central New York sales office for a business consulting firm. ...
2696 days ago by Lil Ed
I just called Erica Johonson (rep. of whom I mentioned earlier) on my alternate phone, as I'm still yet waiting on hold for her or Mr. Jim...
2289 days ago by MSmith
Shady caller, still unsure reason for call, prank maybe?
4635 days ago by Susan
Caller named Leslie claimed to know the owner of the business where I worked. When I came back on the line and told her he did not know her she...
4559 days ago by Jack
Some douchebag named Josh on the other end refused to identify who he worked and what he wanted. Kept spouting off personal information trying to...
3960 days ago by Fred
I keep getting calls from this number so I play with them. The first time the guy said he was in New york, the second time he was in pakistan,...
3976 days ago by Amanda R
I received a call from Leo Brown saying I need to call back and have an attorney respresent me. I didnt call him back because this has happened...
3843 days ago by Savannah
This number called me five times in a row, with no space to breathe between calls. They did not leave a voicemail. I tried to call that number...
3612 days ago by Karma
He says his name is Alex C. Peter, but wishes his name was Alex Luvs Peters. He is a strange person indeed and hope he does not have access to...
4493 days ago by ness
asking if i am a female. This has happened about a year ago to my same cellphone #. This person goes by the name of "rick"
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