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4689 days ago by Barbara
There have been repeated calls from this number to my mother. She is 88 years old and lives in an assisted living facility. I am concerned as to...
3718 days ago by Victim Not sure if this...
4174 days ago by christine
They try to sell umeken products.
3900 days ago by Maria
Special mortgage modification program. When I asked their name they hung up on me.
1952 days ago by Mirilla
Supposedly a "final warning" about my car's warranty and whether or not I wanted to renew it. "If so, press 1. If not,...
3981 days ago by S.
Has called once a day for several weeks now. I'm on the DNCL, but finally decided to pick up the phone to make the calls stop in person. No...
4214 days ago by Jason
Received a vulgar text message from this number, have no idea who it is, deleted message.
3849 days ago by Callminder
IMHO this firm is a scam they threatened me with legal action even though I do not owe them a dime. They try to scare you into paying alleged de...
1932 days ago by mb
A male caller called my phone 2 days in a row and left a message on my phone answering machine both times....
2699 days ago by Tiffany
Asked to speak to my wife told me he loved and had sex with her when I refused to let him speak to her
4014 days ago by Mariuccia
Calls every evening. I try to answer: nobody there. My Caller ID gives me the number. I call. It rings and ri8ngs and rings and rings..... Ple...
4709 days ago by j dalton
number does not ring when dialed no voice mail
4281 days ago by tired
Thanks for the e-mail. I think we can work something out soon. When are you available to come in and meet for the job? Please have your resume...
2391 days ago by erin
Calling and stating its really important not leaving name or reson for calling. I am on the do not call list
3974 days ago by Micah
4624 days ago by Dave
Caller said he had a client called shoreview industries who was interested in our company.
3897 days ago by Mger
Pretend tom amei income insurance Fraud fraud fraud business (Scam ) Stop immediately!!!!
3813 days ago by Theress Carrington
I applied for a job online and was given a job as a driver through email. I searched this phone number after it was given to me and this site...
3761 days ago by may
modeling agency
4612 days ago by g
The recent calls for the upcoming election have been from the LACDP: Los Angeles County Democratic Party 3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1203 Los Ang...
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