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3665 days ago by shelly
has called twice and both times all I hear is background noise like it's coming from a office or something. No one is there and no messages...
4475 days ago by Angry
Woke me up at dawn here in Seattle, though I saw it was a Rhode Island phone number and didn't pick up. Once I got ready for work a few...
4586 days ago by Geez
They called me and would not speak so I called them back and got a recorded message about some type opinion survey. My # is unlisted and on the...
4342 days ago by Lee
For the past 3 days, this number comes up and they don't leave a message. It is a couple times a day. One day I got the "hello, ...
4345 days ago by Ken
This number keeps calling me and I'm on Do Not Call lists. Can they be stopped?
4079 days ago by Caroline
They call me all the time and i try and get of the list but they do not take me off. They need to stop calling I am not the only person who has...
3647 days ago by Charlie
posted a wedding dress on craigslist. goes under the name jade mcfish. ([email protected]). Told him cash only and that we would have to...
4294 days ago by Michelle Dyl
no message, cannot call back
3798 days ago by Robert
This is VMS security systems that is doing cold calling but they say that we did some kind of survey for them and now have "won" a ...
3743 days ago by joe bozzio
calls three times a day
4472 days ago by Pfranco
Same as the last guy. I get this one every once in awhile and they never leave a message.
4387 days ago by whale
no message and we are on do not call list
4149 days ago by Snuggles
Received a call from this 401-490-3493 saying I had participated in a safety survey and I won a security system. (I remembered someone calling...
3783 days ago by X
Call ends when answered.
3801 days ago by Den
Below is the last updated information on this number. Entity Name: SOLVEFORCE.COM LLC Entity Number: 200432410152 Date Filed: 10/19/2004 Stat...
3743 days ago by dave
Apparently was a recording pitching home security systems. Said to press 1 to speak with someone or 2 to say you already had one. (I didn't...
3677 days ago by Douglas
keep getting calls from this phone number
3645 days ago by rap
it is definitely a kent hospital # I called Kent and asked about it, however, it could just be someone calling from a payphone in the hospital....
3873 days ago by Lorraine
I get several calls from this number per day for the last week. It comes up as VMS Who is this???
3667 days ago by Jen
Called and didn't leave a voicemail. I called back and was told that the line had been disconnected. So strange..
3815 days ago by veli pehlivan
3692 days ago by Switchboard
Saved the number as "Foul Mouthed Salesman". Sales cold call from "Peter Trombetti". Became foul mouthed and offensive when ...
3953 days ago by Alexande
Repeatedly called me despite that my phone is a cell phone and is on the do not call list!!!!
4135 days ago by jawbiz
Tried to sell patients to a Dr's office!
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