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Area Code 403 (32 total results)
4355 days ago by Swede
unknown caller
4162 days ago by Jul
calls and hangs up
3645 days ago by kjdfh
received a call from this number
3804 days ago by bibi
HUh calling so many time offering Samsung phone
3659 days ago by Tim
Keep calling multiple times daily and hanging up
3841 days ago by Tdepater
Fax trying to call my phone quite often, very irritating!!!
4425 days ago by George
Telus uses this number so they can harass you constantly. Telus sucks, they know it, yet since they bumfuck the CRTC, they will continue.
3719 days ago by bing
got several times , boring, obviously, for some purpose
2986 days ago by Sandy
Called at 9:45am eastern time, was 6:15 Alberta Time. When answered no one on the line. Call back busy tone. really annoying. Please stop. Thanks...
4201 days ago by Rob
Fax call to my voice line. I've had this problem before, with this same number.
3817 days ago by Adriane
I'm getting harassing calls from this number: 403-381-2284.. He is asking for someone who lives elsewhere in my building. (She once used my...
3645 days ago by U2
Drug association looking for money to inform schools about a drug called strawberry quik.
4126 days ago by Spammer Ciller
These spammers are an epidemic on society and I do everything to stop them. Last night we had no less than 3 different spammers try to send us a...
4115 days ago by Sal
Work at home scam
3992 days ago by naes
prank caller making threats
4129 days ago by Nancy
I have, further to my earlier note discovered that these call originate from a company call IPfax in Montreal.Please join me in "returning...
3719 days ago by Steph
This number has been recorded by call id calling twice daily at the exact same times for the past 2 weeks...I tried picking up up, and it...
4455 days ago by norrstar
This number called and we just don't ...
4524 days ago by barristers
If anyone knows who owns this number, please let me know as I want to file a complaint and sue them for harrassment since my number is registered...
3790 days ago by maya
403-538-7796 403-456-3431 403-538-7796 this all belong to newslink Canada call me the stupid fax numbers at all hours of the nite and day and th...
3725 days ago by John
3644 days ago by Lean
no information
3527 days ago by ctague
calls but no awnser on a copany owned phone. call it back and the other end never picks up
3504 days ago by par rich
miss call on cell
2602 days ago by Fred
Calls incessantly. If I block one number on my phone, they switch to another number! Horrible people.
3826 days ago by jon
didn't answer
3846 days ago by qwerty
Recieved a call from 403-864-8989 at my office while I was out on Sept. 29, 2010, left no message. Looked on net & arrived here.
3716 days ago by Roy
Didn't finish the call.
3233 days ago by Miriam
3946 days ago by Mark
It looks like an Alberta number from near Okatoks. But it isn't. It's coming from Mexico. It's called ‘Spoofing' -- and...
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