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Placing A Call With A Fake Caller ID

Have you ever received an unidentified phone number and there is no way to return the call? Or perhaps you get the impression that it was an international call based on the caller id but the caller did sound very local? If your answer is yes then you have received a spoofed call.

A spoofed e-mail is an e-mail that appeared to be sent from some legitimate organization (like a bank or an institution) but in fact it was not. So a spoofed phone call works the same way as a spoofed e-mail. For some reasons you can avoid your number and your identity from being recognized to the person who answered the call by using this method. Basically the caller id that appears is very much different from the actual one; either it takes other peoples number or, a non-existence number. Some people say that even your voice can be spoofed; as a man you can act and sound like a woman, a small child or a machine. Now probably you might think that it is a fun way to play prank calls.

How do you create spoofed calls? One way is by using a spoof card that is available online. It works the same way as purchasing a VOIP card, starting from USD10 for a total of 60 call minutes. Once you get access to the system, you can easily customize the caller id that you want other people to see.

While some organization or offices might benefit from this as you can hide your actual information from the public, the bad outweighs the good as some bad people can take advantage of its capabilities. For one reason, there were reports that you can impersonate another person and access the voice mailbox. Another possibility is a bogus caller tricking other people to surrender their personal information like banking details and leads to loss of money. Or even create a panic situation based on some prank calls.

Therefore, although it is fun, think wisely of the consequences of improper use of your spoof card credit.
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