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3644 days ago by sally
harrassing phone calls received from this number.
2634 days ago by chanti
address of company
3734 days ago by Rick semore
3722 days ago by Cheryl Adams
Sheena called and asked to speak to my father or brother inregards to check fraud from 2005, and told my brother he had a payday loan from his...
3726 days ago by Quan
I received a phone call from Investigator Hollingner regarding my ex-boyfriend stating that it was regarding a fraud case and that he was under...
3720 days ago by Jai
This person claims to be a investigator tracking down a wire transfer fraud claim against me. They had all the pertinent info but I am still wary...
3821 days ago by nat
calls at all hours and does not leave message or speak
3603 days ago by Gadson Woodall
NSBA - National Small Business Alliance is a SCAM! 601 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Suite 900 S Building Washington, DC 30004...
4211 days ago by rommie winborn, wanda winborn
caller spoke with husband said something about a check for $91 told them wife handles bills, they said to have me call before 7pm. He called me...
3805 days ago by fred wilson
Constant, incessant, continuous calls all day...put an end to this shit!!!
1585 days ago by Pat
Keep getting calls from this number. Needs to be reported. I do not feel comfortable giving out my phone number to anyone.
3770 days ago by IMA-Europe switchboard
Automatic message saying "You have just won the lottery prize, to claim your gains, please press 9, that's the 9 key, press it now"...
3279 days ago by Chuck
Will not stop calling
3676 days ago by shelly snowden
these people call and threaten me all the time saying i am going to be summoned. i dont even know who they are and want them to stop.
3551 days ago by frank
they called me on july 21, identifiying as my phone company offering me a free prepaid long distance card. other person was listening the...
1892 days ago by Anonymous
Person called identifying himself as Issac Berry. Asked me to help him reach my brother or sister-in-law and asked for both of them by name....
3791 days ago by Karen
They call and never leave a message.
3544 days ago by Sue
This number continues to call me. It is an automated machine that has been programmed as T-mobile and ask me to press 1 after hearing my name....
3395 days ago by Darren
Message cannot be displayed. every one they send cost me.
4416 days ago by Keegon
Hung Up
4540 days ago by Dan Flinchum
caller unkown I am reporting them to Metro PCS, whoi appears to be the caller's provider.
4427 days ago by mary beth
called me at 9:59pm
3671 days ago by Jashiwi
They like "St. Jude" shall spam us while we are at work. This phone number is a telemarketer. (A scam, basically).
2706 days ago by kim
This number called my phone all day but when i called back they hung up
4453 days ago by Nick
Got a call from 404-524-0000. Called back and said number is out of service. Very strange!
3702 days ago by Jennifer
Claimed to be "Investigator Davis" and called my home and my parents to alert them that I was involved in a fraud case. The idiot...
3056 days ago by same caller
You're right about the nasty attitude and she said i had better call her office asap. shes been saying that for the last 6 months.
3866 days ago by j nick
who's phone number is this
4106 days ago by bob
called at aproximately 3:10 pmand asked for my daughters phone numbwe and that he was investigating social security fraud and wanted her to call...
3741 days ago by Petra
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