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5669 days ago by r
they never leave a message
4950 days ago by Granny
This call is from a collection Company in Greenwood, Indiana called CAI Collection Associates, Inc 209 S. State Road 135 Greenwood, Indiana...
4856 days ago by pete
Carl Hill jailed for making harassing phone calls in Terre Haute,In His cell # is 812-236-0668
5601 days ago by Buh
4898 days ago by cody
Call me at 10:20 at night on Christmas Eve so I can purchase a Christmas message for my kid. She's 19! Creepy voice.
4831 days ago by Albert Jung
Hang up aftre answering
5444 days ago by BOb
Call from ASUS Tech support. to My Cell phone.
5045 days ago by kellz
calls amd hang up
5606 days ago by Me
Got a call and left a message, wouldn't say who she was with or what it was regarding.
5421 days ago by courtney
calls leaves a number and her name.. if someone doesnt tell me what its regarding i do not call back
4578 days ago by Kim
lady called and left message on aswer machine.
5588 days ago by Rick
Called my cell phone. I amswered on the fourth ring, but they hung up. I tried calling back from a different phone, but no one answered.
5507 days ago by Eric
They call almost everyday for the last 6 months.
5506 days ago by mec
Keeps calling everyday,please stop
4848 days ago by amy
5592 days ago by Jason
Calling collect Emailing his credit card numbers Scam
5305 days ago by Amber
Left a 4 minute voicemail with nothing but people talking in the background and paper being shuffled.
5314 days ago by CNB
We get daily calls from this #. All the calls are in Spanish & there doesn't seem to be a way to stop it. Each call comes from a...
4989 days ago by Pam
This number 812-647-9798 calls my cell phone and when I answer, they hang up. I call back, and it is a busy signal. they have called numerous...
5615 days ago by AJG
Caller congratulated me for being chosen to 'have my prescriptions refilled'. I have NO prescriptions.
4778 days ago by Eleanor
I answered the phone with "hello" and person calling did not respond. I said "hello" again, still no response. Caller did ...
4950 days ago by jdenton
calling from 8 to 8 at least 10 times for two days straight. no one on the other line and leaves no vice mail driving us crazy!!!
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