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3705 days ago by Sandy B
Received call on 2/18/2011
3667 days ago by Rosie
This guy with an Indian accent called me to say that I won a prize of at least $1000 and was babbling about other prizes, so I hung up the phone....
3693 days ago by Florida
Save on your taxes with important information. When asked to mail the information the sales representative does not respond. When told that we...
3400 days ago by Kristina
Calls never leaves a message and doesn't respond when I pick up.
4366 days ago by front desk
J Davis stated he was with BT Corp. and wanted to speak with the owner of our company in re: to inviting him to a event they were hosting. He...
4395 days ago by j
Several calls this AM and then the sound of a fax when I pick up. Becoming irritating!!
4400 days ago by asd
Schindler Law Firm
4073 days ago by Steve
This is just a marketing call... If they fail to respect the do not call laws, make a complaint. They get find you get paid, it worked before...
3627 days ago by josh
hoffman estates il is where its coming from it calls over and over then hangs up no one ever answers when we call back
4225 days ago by Molly Turner
No message. Very annoying. I finally picked up the phone. He said his name was Anthony and that he was verifying a recent purchase of Google...
3470 days ago by JDL
Calls and there is no one there. Try to call back and it says the caller is unavailable.
1898 days ago by Ron
constantly receiving calls from this number and no messages.
3686 days ago by Beth
This number called my cell phone on March 9, 2011 at approximately 8:30 AM. When I return the call it says it is a non working number.
4152 days ago by Frank
call when answer hang up
4346 days ago by Sheesh!
Blit and Gaines, P.C. 661 Glenn Ave Wheeling Illinois 60090 Phone: 847/403-4900 Fax: 312/920-0625 (SCUM OF THE PLANET LOW_LIFE Law Firm...
4060 days ago by Assouline
Calls several times during the week, but disconnects immediately after the third ring, apparently trying to avoid an answering machine. Worst...
3651 days ago by Clarissa
This person said he was Harry Fox, although another message said Tom Fox. When prompted further, said he was from Rogers Law Firm, Merriman, IL....
3796 days ago by Wyhard
Calls and leaves no message.
4028 days ago by go
Maybe a telemarketer. Wouldn't be direct on what she wanted to talk to our president about. Just said she had a couple of questions on a...
4135 days ago by Brad
Credit Card Deptment
3848 days ago by D
4351 days ago by celph
Ms Joy left a Voice Mail and she is looking for Patricia Bishop. ...
4301 days ago by Larry
they don't stop
4105 days ago by K
A 3rd party company that's hired out to ask for donations for the Illinois State Police Association. He was very pushy and would not take...
3644 days ago by tracy
An Indian caller named Allen called to say my computer was infected with a virus and that they were from the Microsoft 35 technical department...
3804 days ago by Kayla
Late morning call. No message left
4078 days ago by Mike Milam
They call all hours of the night or day. My wife told them that her husband pays the bills and they got smart with her and said "Well he&...
3771 days ago by Mousey
This number keeps calling my job and hanging up! For about a month now its happened!
2084 days ago by Tom
no message
3847 days ago by Bones847
A woman keeps calling and calls me by my wife's name. when I tell them I'm not her they hang up 3rd call in 2days
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