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How To Use A Toll Free Number For Lead Generation

In today's economy, businesses are always looking for the most effective ways in which to not only conduct business, but also generate it. Embracing available forms of technology can put a business one step ahead of their competition and help them get more business. One such form of technology is that of the toll free number. It not only makes communicating with clients easy, but it also helps generate leads so that a business can be more proactive in finding potential customers.

One way toll free numbers can do this is by giving a company the ability to identify incoming calls. Unlike local numbers, toll free numbers use Automatic Number Identification to capture caller IDs. This means that even if a number is blocked, it will be captured. It allows business to be conducted with a proactive approach to gathering leads, as opposed to missed opportunities. Lead generation can produce multiple streams of income if utilized in a timely and efficient manner.

A toll free number can also produce leads via advertising. The key element is attracting potential customers and servicing their needs in a prompt manner. Doing so can build a strong level of trust, while ensuring a high volume of customer patronage. In addition, a consumer is likely to conduct more business if a number is easy to recall. And, with no end in sight for the economic crisis, just the image of offering a free call can speak volumes. From direct marketing to advertising campaigns, an 800 number will play a vital role in establishing lasting client relations.

This method of establishment with consumers is just as important as building a live presence on the web, if not more so. A previous study indicated that 45 percent of the public had a higher recall of personalized toll free numbers, as opposed to web addresses. These vanity numbers have increased public response by up to 30 percent. In fact, a business may be losing out if they choose not to invest in this sales method. It has been proven that several patrons do not follow through on an interest if a toll free number is not present. It's a fact that between placement in marketing literature and visual presentations, these numbers can generate a wealth of new opportunities from each advertisement.

The ability to broadcast pre-recorded messages connected to a toll free number is also a huge benefit. From free reports to current promotions, an 800 number when used in conjunction with a virtual PBX can present important information to the public. This can be implemented through automation, while offering several options for clients to select. At times, a customer seeking specific information will opt to use the system, instead of speaking to a live representative. Therefore, it is imperative to present a clear, thorough and user-friendly menu that caters to client needs. Reaching out to customers in this manner can increase business while streamlining the time it takes to connect clients to a particular product or service.

If utilized properly, a toll free number not only significantly increases a business' revenue, but can also provide a cost-effective solution to high-end advertising. A business launching a new venture many times has a limited budget. Therefore, it needs a feasible option that will promote its brand and entice the public. A personalized, 800 number is the perfect way to showcase products and services. This will save on expenses, build corporate identity and generate high quality leads. In addition, a number that can function as a marketing tool will solidify company goals and aspirations.

A toll free number can easily contribute to lead generation if used effectively. It helps new vendors establish market identity, while enhancing legitimacy and customer appeal. It also serves to meet consumer demand, with an emphasis on multi-faceted options and rapid communication. The 800 number will continue to service the commercial sector for years to come.


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