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How To File a Complaint with FTC

The following are instances where you should consider filing a complaint against a telemarketer.

If you:

  • Have been on the Do Not Call Registry for at least 31 days and are contacted by a telemarketer who is not exempt.
  • Receive a telemarketing call that you believe is a scam or is misleading.
  • Are solicited to pay a fee to join the National Do Not Call Registry.
  • Are not put on a company's internal do not call list after requesting to be.
  • Have received a junk fax without having an existing business relationship with the sender.
You will need to compile as much information about the company as possible to include with your complaint: the company's phone number as transmitted through Caller ID or your fax machine, or provided verbally by the telemarketer, the name of the company, and date of the call or fax. If the telemarketer says it is calling on behalf of another company, you can ask for the name of the telemarketing company in addition to the name of the company on whose behalf they are calling. Read our Telemarketing Script for more details.

Do not forget to provide your phone number on the complaint, especially if you are listed on the National Registry. If you are complaining about a junk fax, be sure to provide your fax number on the complaint. Both the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission can fine telemarketers up to $11,000 per violation.

Complaints may be made to Federal Trade Commission (FTC):
  •  Telephone: (888) 382-1222 TDD: (866) 290-4236
  •  Online complaint form:

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-1 Votes
9th Apr, 2009 by Pete
The Phone number, (847) 783- 8966 has been calling my home several times a day on both my phone lines and I have registered both numbers on the National Do Not Call List. They do not leave a message or anything.
-1 Votes
17th Feb, 2010 by Lisa
Take my number off ur list
0 Votes
30th Jun, 2010 by Abrazo
We got a weird call a few months ago from some fast-talker who said he needed to verify our listing for the Yellow Pages. We use a YPPA firm to handle all our Yellow Page advertising, so we told him we were not interested. We told him repeatedly that we were not interested in his services. He asked to verify our phone number and we confirmed this was our number but repeated that we did not have any interest in his services. Two months later, our phone bill showed two months' charges from a company called American Business IT Solutions LLC, although the billing phone number was for some company called PaymentOne Corp. We have never, ever done business with either such company, but when we called Payment One, they transferred our call to American Business IT Solutions. The representative from ABITS claimed that we had accepted their telephone offer for "website hosting." We argued that we have no need for additional website hosting and have never accepted any such offer; they claimed to have the name and birthdate of an employee who authorized such charges; however, we have no employee with any such birthdate. The ABITS representative with whom we spoke said the company's phone number is 1-866-315-5925 and its address is 137 1/2 Washington Ave, Suite 271, Belleville, NJ 07109l she claimed the supervisor's direct line is 1-866-932-5001, ext 222. We urge everyone who has the misfortune of getting scammed by this company to report them to the NJ Attorney General's office and likewise file a complaint with AT&T for being so reprehensible as to allow bills for this fly-by-night outfit to be posted to AT&T invoices, since AT&T also gets paid for doing these billings!!
-2 Votes
2nd Nov, 2010 by E. Washington
Please stop these people from calling my number. This is all the time!!!! When u answer, they hang-up. This is annoying. How do they get your number when it is unlisted?
-1 Votes
1st Feb, 2011 by kathy
recieved a call from 310-999-0442 saying i owe them money and they had my social and where i work. I do not owe know one money. I didnt file a loan onlione anyways. they keep calling .. help
-1 Votes
21st Dec, 2013 by connie
The number222-222 2245 continues to call nuerious times a day ...when i do ansewer i get no one

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