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3685 days ago by Angie DeBose
I received a call on 3/9/11 and message stating they were a financial company looking to collect money on a loan. They stated there was a...
4206 days ago by David
received call from this number at 10:35 pm est; left no message. We have 2 children under 5 who are both asleep at this time.
3776 days ago by Jennifer
Idian man calling stating he was gonna call my boss and tell them I was a bad person.They advised me of a loan I owed. I had to close my account...
3636 days ago by ellesue
Middle-Eastern accent, says she's from "Law and Investigation." After I got her phone # and "name", I told her that...
3636 days ago by heather
The man on the calling from this number is calling myphone and calling me names and saying theyare going to get my family and also calling my...
3691 days ago by Panda
Threatened family with violence... something about CashUSA Payday loans
4451 days ago by Frederick P Lull
Every day between 8 and 8:30 a.m. we receive a call from this number. My wife tells the caller every day to stop calling and that we are not...
3721 days ago by gabrielea Locklear
These people call me and threaten me with a Law Suit for something we dont know of..Refuses to say what call is about. Does Not speak proper...
3706 days ago by Vin
Called yesterday at 5:56 pm CST, no message. Tried calling back, no answer
3831 days ago by Lisa
they keep threatening about someone who filed an application on me and is making an allegation on me. I have no idea what they are talking about....
4553 days ago by marisa
continual phone calls around the clock they ring the house at least 6 times in a row before stopping.
4562 days ago by murphy
no answer
3778 days ago by AngryCitizen
Call called me stating I had an "online payday loan" that I never paid back. Very think Indian accent. Threatened that I needed a...
3803 days ago by Rahlene
Said He was Officer, don't remember the name and told me to have my Attorney call, because they have a report of some sort with my ss number...
3708 days ago by Pamela
I am sick of this number calling me! They call over and over - even on weekends and when I answer there is no one there. How do I stop them...
3786 days ago by dana
received call from this number at work and caller identified himself as patrick jones. I am sure that it was the same voice that left a message...
3819 days ago by char
Called both my home and my work saying he was with the FBI and it was an emergency that I call him back. Does not give a badge number and tells...
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