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3831 days ago by ros
they called and at first it was a recording then they sent us to a live person to set up an appointment for a grant based eneryg saving program....
4367 days ago by Desert Doc MD,PsyD
These people continue to call and harrass me. I obtained their mailing address and sent them a Cease and Desist order certified mail. They...
3653 days ago by donna
Very Threatening calls about a pay day loan (i never had) I am in big trouble i am going to jail.They have only half of my info. They ask for my...
3804 days ago by yeah, ok
They're calling to try to collect an alleged pay day loan debt, which I never applied for. I've been dealing with this s**t for the...
4484 days ago by LB
Called my cell phone, but left no message.
3370 days ago by donna
keep getting calls from this number, very annoying, won't take not interest for answer. a water conitioner company i think.
3777 days ago by Nadine
i cant hear the phone who tried to reaches..
4330 days ago by Caleb
Got a call from this number this morning. I wasn't awake to answer it, so they left a message. This is a message for Mr Caleb ***** could y...
4372 days ago by TR
They called looking for someone who was not me. Hard to hear, lots of noise in the background, but caller stated it was imperitive that "I...
4374 days ago by Paulette Harrill
I had two "Missed Call" messages on ...
4277 days ago by Becky
I keep getting calls from "Connecting" or Utilities. I just don't answer the calls. No answering machine, so they never get an...
4504 days ago by gogodo
Asks for a household member by name. Leaves no information. Calls daily.
3980 days ago by Jenny
This guy called & asked for a person in my home & refused to identify himself or his reason for calling. He was bad-mannered,...
3832 days ago by hope
monique, special investigator calling to let me knw i have a restraing order against me. I work for a law firm and if there was anything against...
3814 days ago by swfl
Annoying robo political call!!!
3729 days ago by C C
Lady tried to say I had a worthless check and she was calling from State Attorneys office. I know that this # is NOT the States Attorneys office....
4090 days ago by david
This is a water damage restoration and flood damage cleanup company offering...
4274 days ago by Sm
Anybody that gets a call from these people, please report them to the Federal Trade Commission and The Florida Attorney General. You can file...
3657 days ago by rocko
saying i am in a legal mess and if i do not settle with them i will be in some kind of problem with the law but would not give me any other...
3770 days ago by JOE
called and threatened me with arrest and stated that i need to come up with $3500.00 within the next 2 hours our they would come arrest me at my...
4076 days ago by bud
Caller said my first name and then hung up, what a jerk!!!!!!!!!!
3639 days ago by l
Prerecorded ,unsolicited , frequent calls from this number offering to audit the electric service from FPL. Not an FPL affiliate
4553 days ago by OblivionSunrise
My sister got a call from this number this morning from a Dr. Drake saying that he was my doctor and that I had a medical emergency and for her...
2707 days ago by S. Joan
Called my cell.
3681 days ago by JIMBO
rude caller calling job 10 - 15 times daily
4356 days ago by Ms. McQueen
Harrassing and abusive. This is not my debt. He is very demeaning, and his tactics makes me physically ill. I have asked that he not call my...
4540 days ago by Carol Hamilton
Annoying calls that won't stop
3655 days ago by Mary
Took money from my account - don't know who this person/company is.
3783 days ago by 3boysand1girl
A guy saying that his name is David Parker called saying that there is some kind of fraud on my account. He also call my friend (how he got her...
3656 days ago by Diamond
A guy by the name of Mark johnson called my place of employment saying he was with the federal crime agency however he has an foreign accent.
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