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3642 days ago by Vm
I received a call from this company about a legal case against me. Wouldnt give any info on dates or what company this debt or uncollected loan...
3868 days ago by didi hidayatullah
I received a phone but my english is not fluent. so please get the phone to no 622128989138 please send email to [email protected], thank you...
4155 days ago by Sha
calls all day long, never leaves message
3789 days ago by sheryl
received 5 calls from this number when call back they say is disconnected
4031 days ago by Phylis
No message left......calls all hours of day and night.
3729 days ago by ConcernedRetiree
Repeatedly calls everyday, all times of day. When we answer, the caller hangs up. A call back to this number states all circuits are busy.
3679 days ago by mc
Call me all day and night
3730 days ago by ecaskey
This person has been calling me for several days. I do not answer it because I don't know who this is. They do not leave a message so I do...
3739 days ago by Caller
I get the same calls everyday and almost 5 to 6 times a day. They guy makes an accent of an Indian employer. Heard a couple of times them talking...
3728 days ago by cathy
two phone calls to cell phone, but i haven't got any clue who this is.
4148 days ago by Vic-Tim
sales pitch recording for "free" digital equipment.
3560 days ago by Diana
It just said I was subscribed to something but didn't elaborate. It was a recorded message
3665 days ago by xyz
4097 days ago by CAA
This number is a scam. They say you owe a debt but do not give you any information. When you ask for the date of the loan and the company all...
3839 days ago by Jennifer
Called saying i was named in a criminal case in the area i lived. said it was going against my social number and wanted the rest of my info to...
3641 days ago by Jenn
Called twice no message.
3639 days ago by Ireem
I have been receiving calls from this number and doesnt leave any message.
3797 days ago by Victoria
i receive about 2-3 calls from this number a day but when i call back i get nothing but a message from my carrier
3812 days ago by Littleone
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