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4 Tips For a Successful Phone Call

At the first meeting the other evening you made a good impression so it would be unforgivable to ruin everything from the beginning with an improper phone call. This is pretty much what you should do:

1. Call when the time is right

Most of us work all day in companies where we need to get involved from morning till evening. So, it is a good idea to call in the evening, not later than 10 at night, because after a busy day at work she might like to go to bed earlier.

2. Call from the right place

It is crucial to understand you need to avoid some places when you call her. So, don't do this from the office, from your own car, from your ex, even if you want to make her a little bit jealous. Find a quiet room, at your own home maybe, where you are alone and there is nothing to distract you.

3. The call should be nice and funny

Don't become boring, don't talk about things she may not be interested in, topics like the weather, your favorite TV show, a recipe for a delicious cheese pie or a revolutionary thing you have just seen on Discovery Channel. Don't tell her about your previous relationships. If you end up together you can talk about exes, but not before.

4. Make a plan before calling

Before dialing the number you'd better make a plan for what to say. Think of a date, when and where, maybe a rearranging for the date if she is busy that time. An invitation to a nice little restaurant and a walk will always be a good idea. If you take these into consideration, you may get lucky, but try not to be nervous and be you, as natural as you can be, and everything will be great.

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