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3358 days ago by mike
scam caller please get the fbi involved and put them to jail they need to be shut down they wanted me to paid $150 for a 500 dollar loan
3359 days ago by Deb Herrington
S. Clayton calls 25 times every day. It is a machine. I have called them back, but they refuse to answer. This is a major problem for our...
3359 days ago by Carolyn
Called mid-day, didn't leave a message.
3359 days ago by Michael
Every day between 10:00 and 10:15 we get an automated phone call presumably from HEALTH CALL asking us to report our data. There is no way to...
3360 days ago by Fanna
Harass. He FBI,tells me.
3361 days ago by curious
came in to work number left message with nothing when I didn't answer...twice in a week, first had background chatter akin to call center...
3361 days ago by sam
He is a law enforcement officer attempting to collect a debt and if you don't pay you will be arrested.
3362 days ago by bob
someone calls but doesnt say who they are.
3362 days ago by mimi
stop them from calling my number
3362 days ago by Eva
This number called me out if the blue & said I order something from the Internet & I don't really know what she mean, but she knew...
3362 days ago by Jay
Please correct your spelling of the word "receive". It is mispelled twice on this report form.
3363 days ago by some girl
This number called me 4 or 5 times at around 12am Sunday January 12 2014. I told her she had the wrong number and she kept calling anyway. This...
3364 days ago by Kpa
Keep getting textsmfrom this number. We called back and they hung up. Harass g us.
3366 days ago by Elly
Gave me one number 985-265-7879 on a date site. Said he broke his phone and then gave me 981-805-9023
3366 days ago by Dave
This person at this phone number is a scammer trying to collect credit card information over state lines. Called me at work saying I won a 100...
3367 days ago by michael
3368 days ago by joe
Please look into and remove phone Number 716-558-8754. They are trying to scam people out of money and are using intimidation and scare tactics....
3368 days ago by cathie
have received 7 calls and hang ups from this number
3368 days ago by el pelon
3368 days ago by abcdefgh
got a call this morning from 757-962-8057
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