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4310 days ago by Mr. K
This number called my phone. 40215291213 My phone is on the national do not call list. this person/company has violated this and has been tur...
4155 days ago by Rusty
I am not sure what to think. No one has ever called me from this number before. I didn't answer the call and would appreciate not receiving...
4448 days ago by nobody
missed call on cell phone
4282 days ago by CLR
Chase Bank, Dunning call for VISA non-existent VISA account.
4537 days ago by Andy
Calls several times a day. Fax tones.
3837 days ago by jkd
alert message to avoid 33rd and Burt
4061 days ago by Chaz
dude called me looking for someone else and then started talking shit
3817 days ago by jiffy
called the number back and got a website to go to: read the page...followed the link... its a research co...
3895 days ago by curt
2742 days ago by scarlett cespedes
I do not want this people calling me
3890 days ago by steph sherman
we answer say hello three times and still no reply
1752 days ago by Sven
over a dozen calls from this number (Auburn, Nebraska). I haven't answered, and they never leave a message.
2754 days ago by Jane
I went online to find out who "North Country" is (caller ID associated with 4024347622. Looks like they are selling windows. The lady...
3840 days ago by catherine shalifoe
this is a scam and I was called at 6 :58 AM
3979 days ago by Joe
Looking for Jennifer Robinson (Robertson??). This is the third time they have asked and each time they say they will remover the number.
4434 days ago by Kelly
called on 2/18/09, wanted to know where I worked, she called my mom's number. She DID NOT want to say what the call was in regards to or...
3887 days ago by crisc
a foreign man called looking for one of our employees.. saying he was from bank of america. he said this persons account was going to be closed...
3748 days ago by barbara
received this call from a soliciter. I am on every Do Not Call List.
4449 days ago by helloareyouforreal
message said this is goerge we talked a few month back, and i would like to touch base with you. i'm like hello i do not know any george. so...
4415 days ago by nero
received call to contact manager at this number. they will not say who they are or what they want. I do not return calls to messages like this.
3777 days ago by Mngdizzle
Don't know who's calling
3751 days ago by HypnoKristin
Keeps repeatedly calling.
4443 days ago by Tina
I was contacted about a management position
4196 days ago by random
keeps asking for Carol, caller says they are from Crysler
4443 days ago by 111
left messafe
4380 days ago by grumpy redhead
called, but didn't leave a message - no idea why they're calling
3607 days ago by James Andresen
They call and hang up when I answer the phone. They never answer or respond. Call about two to three times per day.
3715 days ago by FE
3475 days ago by oakley
I have no idea who this is or why they are calling.....they do not leave a message
4117 days ago by zahav
came back from hospital, she called early saturday morning, woke me up, need info regarding dr etc, i said i don't give out info
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