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3638 days ago by Sherry
Only the following words were left on my voice mail: "if you want to be removed from our call list". Don't know who they are --...
3694 days ago by Jennifer M.
Called many times before. They claim to be calling from a credit card and will lower my rate. When I aks them to not call they hang up on me.
3658 days ago by Ben
Can you believe these a$$holes called back on March 15 a second time and the caller simply burped into the phone then hung up . . . this was left...
3711 days ago by lida
Calling without leaving message.
3693 days ago by sarah
Called early morning and now late in day. Calls, let ring a few times and hangs up, no messages
3666 days ago by lok
nothing but silence then hung up
3660 days ago by Joe
Missed call, telemarketer......on my cell phone........
3782 days ago by Claire
I have been receiving calls from this number for several weeks. No messages have been left, I'm not sure what they want.
3656 days ago by Lisa
there are none
3852 days ago by Ron
Called after hours but did not leave a message.
3763 days ago by fox
heard that it is a pharmacy selling viagra!
3830 days ago by Tee
I've received numerous calls from this number. Everytime I pick up, it's a recording that want's me to take a survey. It's...
3725 days ago by Fed UP Again
Called around 5:00 pm. Woke baby that I just got to sleep. Automated voice. Selling medical insurance. Left looooooong, loud message with a...
3037 days ago by rick
Computer generated message from SOS something. I have asked these people to stop calling but they won't take the hint.
4476 days ago by froggy
caller aked for my name i answered they said thank you and hung up
3825 days ago by nat
pas laissé de message, plusieurs appels venant de ce numéro inconnu
3813 days ago by Alix
I get a call from this number every hour every day even on the weekends, its really annoying and I want it to stop!
3813 days ago by dskyes
They call even late at night like 9pm while im settling down for the night to get ready for bed.
3798 days ago by d-man
Got called once early in the morning, told them to cease calling. Got another call from them about 3 hours later, and told them that I had added...
3876 days ago by Grace
I think this is from a telemarketer.
3658 days ago by pugsy
whats the phone number?
3470 days ago by disturbed
never leaves a message
4486 days ago by what?
Didn't answer or leave message?
3726 days ago by Georgia Nelson
I have received several calls from this number. Different times, different days. They are advertising for debt relief. I do not need debt relief!...
3544 days ago by brian
i had same thing happen to me they called then asked to put a security sign in the yard told them that we rented then he hung up that sunday i...
3818 days ago by ciacia
When I retiurned the call a recording gave me thge option to be removed from their call list. I have done this several times before, but...
3704 days ago by deb
Calls several times a day and they really need to stop. Never leaves a message.
3817 days ago by SHEL
no message left
3796 days ago by Marie
I get a phone call from this number at least twice a month. When I answer, there is no response from the caller on the other line. They never...
3817 days ago by Number8
At 1:05 pm central time, I received a phone call from this number. The caller ID showed the name of the company as "Service Update". I...
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