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3729 days ago by gbfgn
stupid idiots keep calling and you can tell there is someone there but no one talks and then just hang up
3660 days ago by rolz
I didn't answer
3736 days ago by annoyed
this number keeps popping up and i never answer it. am sure it's some telemarketer
4496 days ago by George6664
I have called many times to be removed from thier call list, but they keep on sending faxes! address on bottom of fax: 142 Islington Ave suite ...
3510 days ago by LG
This number calls my home every afternoon and early evening.
4091 days ago by Roxanne
Summitt Energy claiming they are from Veridian (local energy company) to verify your account #. Do not give them any # otherwise you will find...
3797 days ago by PI
4086 days ago by salim kanji
left a message with my 90 year old mom
3672 days ago by Rafel
416-301-2140 Scam Fake pirated windows 7, cs5 , office software....runaway !!!! Blank Disk !!
3909 days ago by q
3679 days ago by THE TRCR
Within the last 24 hours I posted that (416) 318-0000 was an internal Voip Line for IQor Canada. In actuallity further reseasrch by myself (Sjip...
3405 days ago by frustrated
getting calls multiple times a day, and no one says anything, the number just disconnects when I answer, I too need to have this end NOW. ...
3723 days ago by Marlboro Man
received a call this afternoon from someone with an Indian accent so thick, I couldn't understand anything he was saying. After letting him...
3894 days ago by transportation
this person keeps on calling and i do not know who it is please let me know as it is very annoying
3654 days ago by jollieanne
they offering a pldt long distance call when i said i am not interested and hang up they call again using unknown number i thought different...
3668 days ago by andy
Before this call I received an interational call from one of my friend in UK. Then a missed call from 416-364-1112. I think this has a coonection...
4058 days ago by Al slessor
aSKED if this was Mrs. Slessor. Answered yes and caller hung up We are in Palm Springs CA and the call was unexpected When i called the number...
4046 days ago by linda
cette une personne passe une petite annonce disant quelle Avait des chiots Donner une cause de délocalisation de travaille MA DEMANDER DE...
3748 days ago by SB
Same as the othere people said. We called her back and asked for her employee number and she hung up imediately after. Very strange lady!
3001 days ago by james hydra
416-409-5799 scam alert ! sells fake counterfeit software, fake handbags,fake concert tickets and german child porn on blu-ray!! caution do not ...
4191 days ago by anthony
no voice
3739 days ago by nh
647-701-5622 100% Scam Artist R.C.M.P. to Mr.James 35 GULLIVER RD APT 605 (647)-701-5622 who IS A REGISTERED CHILD MOLESTER in ONTARIO donates...
4420 days ago by Alexander Chichagov
Sean Brooks on behalf SCOTIABANK called March 5, 2009 harassing my daughter and me about a car they presume I own. Details submitted to the...
4084 days ago by Dave
dead air.
3730 days ago by Wer
3748 days ago by PI
905-715-8598 Pirated Software Liar!!!!!! & Robber!!!!!!! Liar!!!!!! Liar!!!!!! Liar!!!!!! Liar!!!!!! Liar!!!!!! Liar!!!!!! Liar!!!!!! Liar!!!...
4315 days ago by notes
4442 days ago by paul
multiple calls
4035 days ago by cc
National Post promotional call
4084 days ago by Othmane
Please send me your message to on my email: [email protected] thanks
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